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21 Hand-Picked Budget Travel


Travel Within Your Budget Without Compromising The Quality & Enjoyment

Travel passionately, budget wisely, and experience more – that’s the motto of Luxury Travel On A Budget. Get travel tips, travel informations on travel destinations, Budget Traveltravel giveaways, things to do, eat and shopping, and the Cheapest 4 stars & above Accommodation with BeeBuzzNo1 Travel.

The budget justification is a breakdown of your proposed budget in a narrative format, and is used to “justify” the expenses identified for the Budget Travel.  The level of detail in a budget justification will be driven by the complexity of the Luxury Travel and the costs estimation on the journey.

The budget justification should:

  • Follow your comfortable budget guidelines.
  • Provide as much detail and justification as necessary.
  • Get as much details as possible about Things to do in and around the destination including What to See, Where to Eat, What Events are on-going, Where to Shop and Where to experience the Unusual and Exceptional see, feel and touch.
  • Make it clear that all budget requests are reasonable and consistent. Luxury Travel Within your budget wants to help you experience more when you travel and inspire you to be a better person.


1  World’s Most Breathtaking Floating Sky Lantern You’ll Ever Experienced

Sky Lanterns Chiang Mai

Welcome to Loy Krathong and Yi Peng festivals in Chiang Mai. Typically coinciding or occurring at..where hundreds of sky lanterns are released into the night time sky.. Every sky lantern carried with it the beautiful dreams and needs of those who released it. In Chiang Mai, the people additionally release a mess lovely floating sky lanternsRead more

Check the best price to Floating Sky Lantern, Chiang Mai



2  Seeking For A Unique Asia Experience? Undiscovered The Fascinating GEMS Of Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh floating market

The flagship city of Vietnam in terms of economic development and international exposure, Ho Chi Minh City is a truly happening city. Many of the best attractions in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) centre around the events of 20th century war and conquest. It sounds sombre, and in parts it is, but there are some truly fascinating historical activities suitable for all ages… Read more

Check the best price to Ho Chi Minh City



3  Spectacular Natural Falls That Might Surprise Your Budget!

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is located in the Niagara Region which is a peninsula which are famous for Waterfalls, seashores, escarpment, fruit farms, rolling hills and our wineries. Go to the mighty falls, take a ship journey to the bottom, a helicopter journey excessive or a thrilling jet boat ride down river. Located alongside Niagara’s South Coast where Lake Erie meets the mighty Niagara River… Read more

Check the best price to Niagara Falls



4  Get Yourselves Into The Casting OF The Thrilling Casino Royale Settings

Karlovy Vary Czech

The Area of Karlovy Range is situated in the west of the Czech Republic and arose by dividing the West Bohemia Area into the Plzeň and the Karlovy Differ Areas. This trendy town is the closest the Czech Republic has to a glam resort, but Karlovy Fluctuate remains to be glam with… Read more

Check the best price to Karlovy Vary



5  Amazing Eye-Popping Scenerys With These Awe-Inspired Breathtaking Nature

tianmen mountain zhangjiajie

The Heaven Gate Mountain is seven kilometers from the town. Heaven-Linking Avenue, also known as the Huge Gate Road ..  TianmenCave-WorldWingsuitLeagueCompetition – wingsuit flights down the mountain by wingsuit pilots from a platform atop a 900-foot cliff face near its summit… Read more

Check the best price to ZhangJiaJie



6  Once In A Lifetime Experience In The Most Thrilling & Exciting Sizzling Air Balloon Tour

Sunrise in Cappadocia Turkey

Sizzling air balloon tour is extremely recomended in cappadocia. Taking a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most individuals. Cappadocia is dwelling to about 50 scorching air balloon tour corporations , so it’s more than easy to take a trip for yourself… Read more

Check the best price to Cappadocia



7  Aussie Dollars Weaken, Tourists Are Flopping To Brisbane For A Spectacular Worth Trip

Brisbane skytower

Brisbane, Queensland is the third largest and fastest growing city in Australia. With its sub-tropical climate, gardens and parks, and its ever-changing contemporary architecture, Brisbane provides a relaxed, friendly environment for international students. Discover Brisbane’s historic city centre, river and wildlife on a full-day tour. You’ll tour Brisbane’s city-centre attractions… Read more

Check the best price to Brisbane



8  Family Outings? Look No Further, The Beauty Awe Family Attractions With Spectacular View


The island is famous for its azure clear, crystalline waters and powdery white sandy beaches and hundreds of things to do. Boracay island and in particular, Boracay Beaches has countless activities and festivities happening all at the same time. Guests can try all sorts of water sports from sailing, wind surfing, scuba, cliff jumping, island hopping and… Read more

Check the best price to Boracay



9  The Most Largest Magnificent Stone Buddha Ever Crafted On The Planet! Breathtaking View

Leshan Giant Buddha Statue

The world’s largest stone Buddha is estimated about seventy one-meter-high Leshan Big Buddha. As the biggest stone sculpture on the planet, the Leshan Large Buddha has acquired in depth attention each in China and overseas… Read more

Check the best price to Leshan



10  Think You’ve Seen Enough? Be Surprised By How Beautiful & Gorgeous This City Is – You’ll Be Amazed


With a population of 2.5 million, Osaka (大阪, Ōsaka) is Japan’s third largest and second most important city. Osaka isn’t just big, it’s unique. Many people are surprised to find that Osaka has a completely different personality from Tokyo. Where Tokyo is reserved, Osaka is extravagant. Where Tokyo is shy, Osaka is warm and outgoing… Read more

Check the best price to Osaka


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