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Is This The World’s Most Exceptional Unique Rafting Experience?


Exciting Kitayama River Rafting In Wakayama Osaka – Japan

The tourist office in Kitayama village, located about three hours from Osaka in Kitayama RaftingWakayama Prefecture, describes the area as one of the “most secluded regions in Kansai area,” making it an ideal retreat for those fleeing from the city. It offers tourists a chance to discover what it’s like to sail down the swift currents of Kitayama River on traditional logging rafts.

Not only does it have beautiful natural surroundings, but it is also the only place in Japan where you can try white-water log rafting.

It is the World’s Most unusual rafting experience you can ever find – with clustered logs forming the base and it’s length could extend to more than 10 meters long.

Think of sitting in an inflated raft while rushing down white-water rapids is hardcore?

You haven’t experienced Japan’s wildest rafting experience.

Here’s the kicker — you’re not even seated.

For the whole journey, riders stand in a line on the sturdy, long wooden rafts, clutching only the metal/wooden handles that rise from the base of the rafts.

Scary And Exciting japan-wakayama-rafting

Japan Kitayama Rafting

Kitayama Rafting On A Rapid

Kitayama River Rafting

As terrifying as it looks to be a rider, they are the true heroes, wooden oars in hand and they pilot the rafts down the river rapids while standing, wearing boots, a hat… and no life jacket.

This adventure sport was inspired by Japan’s traditional lumber industry, in which felled wood was assembled into rafts then sent down the river — a transport method used for more than 600 years.


Kitayama Rafting

Japan Kitayama Rafting - Wakayama Prefecture

Japan Kitayama River Rafting


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