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Take A Closer Look On Why Tourists Are So Terrified To Walk On World’s Largest Suspension Bridge In China!


Largest Transparent Glass Suspension Bridge In Pingjiang Hunan China

Are you daring enough to walk across China’s largest Transparent Glass Bridge-China Hunansuspended transparent glass bridge with a sheer drop height of 590 feet? Tourists are terrified to walk on it or even laying their feet onto the glass floor of this intimidating monstrous bridge.

China’s largest transparent glass suspension bridge – HaoHan Qiao, as it’s known in Chinese, is the latest series of glass-floored attraction opened in China. It has a glass walkway suspended in a stomach-flipping 180 meters (590 feet) above a sheer drop in China’s central Hunan Province.

Located at Shiniuzhai National Geological Park or Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark (石牛寨) in Hunan, Pingjiang County. It is 46 km away from the nearest city of Pingjiang.

Spanning between two cliffs within the Shiniuzhai national geological park, the 300 meter-long structure is elevated 180 meters above ground, offering visitors a terrifyingly memorable experience.

Hunan Shiniuzhai Park China Largest Suspension Bridge

China Largest Suspension Bridge-Shiniuzhai Park Hunan

Shiniuzhai-Glass-Bridge China Hunan

Despite its terror-inducing appearance, its creators say the bridge in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park is perfectly safe.

Each of the glass panes is 24 millimeters thick and 25 times stronger than normal glass.

“The bridge we build will stand firm even if tourists are jumping on it,” a worker who constructed the bridge told the state-owned China News Service.

China Largest Suspension Bridge Shiniuzhai Park Pingjiang

Largest Suspension Bridge China Shiniuzhai Park

Glass bridge shiniuzhai national park

Haohan-qiao-shiniuzhai-park-from below


China Largest Suspension Bridge

Haohan Qiao Hunan

A misty Shiniuzhai suspension bridge

Yoga In The Air Shiniuzhai Park China Hunan

How about doing a group Yoga in the Air on this petrifying transparent glass floor suspended bridge over 180 meters height?


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