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Crystal Clear Sea And Untouched Nature Of Beautiful Stara Baska Beach Island Of KRK


Top 10 Drop-Dead Stunning Beaches In Croatia


#8  Stara Baska

The Island of Krk has many nice beaches, with Baska beach also being one of the most beautiful beaches of Croatia. Beach areas ranges from fine or more coarse pebbles, sand beaches, rocky beaches through to man-made paved bathing areas.

Stara Baska


Baska Krk

Situated on the southwest coast of the Island of Krk, Stara Baska is a small Croatian village two kilometers long situated at the end of the island’s main road. In an untouched Mediterranean nature lies one of the most beautiful beaches of island Krk. Most accessible by boat or in any other case walks by narrow dirt paths, but in the end it is well worth it.

The beach of Stara Baska boast of being the most beautiful on the island of Krk. The beach is of fine gravel and is surrounded by pine forests and rocks. Stara Baska offers relaxation and different sports activities such as scuba diving, fishing and hiking.


Stara Baska - Isola di Krk

Pearl beaches of Stara Baska

Once known for its locally grown and milled wheat, today, Baska’s major draw is the pebbly beach located around one mile from town. The beach lies in the sheltered cove of Oprna Bay. By foot, the beach is accessed by hiking down a steep path. While there are facilities at the Skrila campsite located above the beach, there’s nothing more than a small bar on the beach itself, so visitors must trek in their own supplies. The beach can also be reached by boat from Stara Baska.



Surrounded by rocks and some vegetation pebble beach Stara Baska offers a haven for all those in search of crystal clear sea and untouched nature. The beach has no crowd as well as no additional beach content, nearby hidden coves offer similar beautiful locations.


Stara_baska Krk


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