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Glistening Ocean With Pristine Sands Bondi Beach Australia


9 Lesser Known Gorgeous Beaches You Must Visit


#8  Bondi Beach, The Bondi To Coogee Walk – Australia

Bondi Beach is famous for its glistening ocean, Soft sand Bondi_Beachpristine sands, reliable surf and seaside spirit. Its laid back coastal lifestyle, cafe culture, boutique shops and thriving, eclectic community is equally enticing.

Whether the cameras are rolling or not, there’s always action here.

The awesome waves and golden shores make a great spot to enjoy the surf and sand.

The beautiful sandy shores and swell waves alone are cause for adoration. Add to that the ocean-side walking trails, spectacular neighbouring beaches, art galleries and film festivals that make the world’s love Bondi.

Bondi Beach has a vaguely alternative feel, despite the obvious commercialism present, and attracts a large number of “individuals”; watch out, for example, for the guy who will strip off near the shops, to walk stark naked through the traffic on Campbell Parade, before going down to the beach.

Bondi Beach Australia

Bondi-Beach Relaxing

Soft sand Bondi_Beach

Abundance Of Activities Awaits You

Surf, Swim and Scuba Diving are few of the main popular sports you can find in Bondi beach. Do note, Swim but always stay between the flags where lifeguards keep a watch on the swimmers. There is a Bondi Beach Markets that open on every Sunday 9AM-3PM in the grounds of Bondi Beach Public School.

Kite Flying Festival Bondi Beach


Bondi beach rescue

Chilled at Bondi Beach

Gorgeous Bums in Bondi Beach

Famous Walk With A Rewarding Sea Views

Stroll along the ocean-front promenade or take a walk along one of the beautiful cliff tops. Among the most famous is the Bondi to Coogee coastal walk. Suffer steep stairs and high hills and you’ll be rewarded with sea views at every step and picturesque parkland.

Bondi to coogee coastal walk


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