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The Most Largest Magnificent Stone Buddha Ever Crafted On The Planet! Breathtaking View


Leshan Giant Buddha China

The Mount Emei Scenic Space, including Leshan Large Buddha Scenic Space and Mount Emei Scenic Space has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Website since 1996. Leshan Largest Stone Carved Buddha ChinaThe Leshan Large Buddha statue is located in the Mount Emei Scenic Space of Sichuan, China, simply east of Leshan Metropolis.

Situated in central Sichuan Province, the nominated area consists of Mount Emei Scenic and Historic Space, west of Emeishan City, and the Leshan Large Buddha Scenic Space, south-east of Leshan Metropolis at the confluence of three rivers: Minjiang, Dadu and Qinqyi. Leshan Big Buddha is the largest stone Buddha on the planet. Go to the Leshan Statue of Buddha, which is the biggest of such carvings on the planet.

Leshan: The Big Buddha statue is situated simply round that cliff. You can actually climb up the mountain to have a closer view of this gigantic Budhha face, as shown above.


The world’s largest stone Buddha is estimated about seventy one-meter-high Leshan Big Buddha. The authenticity of the inscribed property, Mount Emei Scenic Space, together with Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Area, lies to a big extent within the relationship between the person-made element and the natural atmosphere. There is a lot to see within the Scenic Space park apart from the Big Buddha.



Leshan Buddha Scenic Area Park

Along with the Leshan Large Buddha, there are numerous famous sites situated in the Leshan Big Buddha Scenic Spot, together with Mt. Lingyun, Wuyou Hill, Guicheng Hill, Moruo Corridor, Qianfeng Cave, and the sleeping Large Buddha.

Leshan Giant Buddha

Stonecarving at Leshan Buddha Scenic Area Park

leshan_giant_buddha China

If you are at Chengdu, take a 2.5 hour drive to Leshan and you can take a ship experience (about 40 minutes) to see the Giant Buddha, which is the largest on the earth.

The huge Leshan Large Buddha is a stone statue of Buddha carved directly into a cliff. Situated across the Leshan Large Buddha Scenic Spot are several native restaurants, where customer can enjoy the local dishes of Leshan Metropolis.

As the biggest stone sculpture on the planet, the Leshan Large Buddha has acquired in depth attention each in China and overseas.

Magnificent Leshan Giant Buddha



Get Around and Things to Do In Leshan China


Experience this remarkable Giant Buddha – the world’s largest carved stone statue 

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