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Many Visited Maldives For Their Honeymoon Or Renewing Their Vow


Attention All Romance Seeker! 10 Mesmerizing Places On Earth Where Romance Lives


#4  Maldives

Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places in the world, appreciated highly by couples and honeymooners alike, due to its breathtaking panoramas, warm climate, white sand beaches and enchanting sunsets…


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Where Romance starts in Maldives

Romance is big business in the Maldives, where more than a few visitors are on their honeymoon, renewing their vows or just having an indulgent break with their significant other. Just imagine where there’s no TV or loud music, just gorgeously simple and traditional houses dotted along the beach, and vegetation thick with trees planted by past honeymooners. However, the maxim of getting what you pay for is still true here – the loveliest, most romantic resorts are usually not the cheap ones.

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Romance does not necessarily mean huge cost. Plunge into the warm crystalline waters that The Maldives are so famous for and swim and snorkel while discovering an abundance of colourful fish darting below the surface – or head even further into the depths with a diving expedition! The isolation of the islands also results in some of the best diving and snorkelling spots in the world, with plankton-rich seasonal currents attracting manta rays and whale sharks.

Maldives Bioluminance Phytoplankton

The bright marine creatures and coral landscapes are sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t forget to make the most of the tranquil waters around you by embarking upon a romantic sunset boat trip, allowing you and your partner to take in the breathtaking colors of paradise’s sky.

Dive into crystal clear waters in maldives


You can find world’s first underwater restaurant, spa, nightclub and wine cellar in Maldives, overwater villas boast infinity pools and glass floors, and the choice of dining locations is sensational – jetties, remote sandbank, candlelit verandas or dinner à deux on the beach at a neighbouring island.


Exceptional Maldives-Resorts

Couples will also love the spa experiences the Maldives offers, with some of the world’s best resort spas found here. Home to some of the most luxurious spas in the world, honeymooners in particular will love the indulgent, romantic spa options available to them in The Maldives – think outdoor treatments in the forest or on the beach with an ocean outlook, or even on a private island easily accessed from the resort. Benefit from the traditional healing methods of the Maldivian people and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of coconut oil in massages and body treatments.



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