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Most Romantic City With Breathtaking Panoramas Ideal For Many Couples – Paris France


Attention All Romance Seeker! 10 Mesmerizing Places On Earth Where Romance Lives


#3  Paris, The City Of Love – France

Paris is reputed as the city for lovers par excellence, and for good reason. What makes Paris the most romantic city in the world is one of those questions every Parisian hates. Where do you begin? The romance of wandering down ancient streets that pile up layers of history yet still tick to the rhythm of a lived-in cosmopolitan metropolis. A city with rows of grey zinc roofs and mysterious spires and domes.

Colorful paris

Paris Aerial View

Paris City Of Love

There seems to be built-in romance everywhere you turn, from poetic parks and gardens to breathtaking panoramas and world-class restaurants– making a romance-laced Paris vacation ideal for many couples. Paris has always been known to have the aura of romance and mystery and has been the setting for many novels and movies.

Romantic Paris

A cruise on the Seine, kissing on the Eiffel Tower, a show at the Moulin Rouge, dinner at the Tour d’Argent…despite the tired clichés, Paris still has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable rendezvous that fits any couple’s definition of romance.

Paris Lock Bridge


Coming to Paris on or around Valentine’s Day can be truly idyllic, but no matter when you come for a jaunt in the city of light, making a special time of it is easy.


This is a city where a discreet doorway leads to a Roman amphitheatre, where fashion boutiques occupy mansions that once held literary salons or revolutionary plotters, of restaurants inside ancient monasteries, or cafés where bar philosophers still like to set the world to rights. Yet it’s a city that constantly reinvents itself, where the gardens are secret, where courtyards may still contain old craft workshops or hi-tech start-ups, and where you can get around by electric car.

Paris picnic night out

Paris l'arc de triomphe



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