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The Legend Of Royal Azaleas Are At Their Full Blossom That Makes You Fall In Love Ceaselessly


Mount Hwangmaesan – South Korea

Some scenes had been filmed on the foot of Hwangmaesan Mountain on the film theme park. The appearance of Hwangmaesan modifications every season.Mt Hwangmaesan Positioned in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam Province, the 1,108-meter-excessive Hwangmaesan Mountain (황매산) encompasses the three peaks of Habong, Jungbong and Sangbong. In addition to the Haeinsa, we’ll additionally pay a visit to Mt. Hwangmaesan, a scenic mountain well-known for its large fields of royal azaleas near its peak.

The Hwangmaesan Azalea Competition is held every year to wish for prosperity and abundance for the city’s inhabitants and to advertise the excellence of azaleas nationwide. Azaleas and royal azaleas paint the mountain pink in spring, while the water flowing within the valleys creates an ample scenic view in summer season.

Korean folks give the mountain the name of Mt. Hwangmae(yellow apricot flower)”, because the highest point appears to be like like a blooming apricot flower There are a small stone carved with the name of the peak, Hwangmae-bong.” Mountaineers can see the surroundings of Lake Hapcheon, Mt. Jiri, Mt. Dukyu, and Mt. Kaya from the top. Hwangmaesan is gorgeous in the course of the spring season when royal azaleas are at their full blossom however the summer time season when hills are covered with fresh greens or the autumn when silver grasses cowl the hills gloriously and even the snow flowers within the winter season are scenes to not be missed.

In entrance to the azalea colony in Hwangmaesan is a movie theme park the place the movie The Legend of Gingko was filmed. Hwangmaesan is a steep peak located on the finish of the Taebaek mountain range and is thought to be a place where the good Buddhist monk of Goryeo Dynasty, Muhak practiced his asceticism.

Mt Hwangmaesan


While visiting Mt. Hwangmae, you can hear the love tales through the scent of a royal azalea blossom in Spring and weeping silver grasses in fall. The 9 Scenic Views of Sancheong are: Cheonwangbong Peak, Daewonsa Valley, Hwangmaesan Azalea, Tomb of King Guhyeong, Gyeonghogang River, Namsa Yedamchon Village, Historic Site of Jo Sik, Jeongchwiam Hermitage, and Donguibogam Village. Along with Mount Hawang and Mount Muhack in South Gyeongsang, Mount Yeongchwi in Yeosu, South Jeolla, is legendary for azaleas.

Mt. Hwangmae is named the mountain of filial piety. Nestled away in the thick forests that cowl the decrease slopes of Mt. Gayasan, the temple is about as far faraway from human civilization as you will get.

Royal Azalea Festival,mount hwangmae

Many tourists visit right here as a result of the valley is adorned with azaleas in spring and it is cool in summer season. At 1,108 meters, Hwangmae Mountain is the best peak within the Sobaek mountain vary, and is roofed by royal azalea blossoms every spring. In The Moon That Embraces the Solar, royal palace scenes have been largely filmed here.

Mt Hwangmaesan

Annually in early April, when cherry blossom trees are in full bloom (around Gyeonghwa Station, Mt. Jehwangsan, and many others.), a naval port pageant, the Jinhae Gunhangje Pageant is held for about ten days. If people fall in love in Mt. Hwangmae, the love lasts ceaselessly as the mountain also retains a legend a few gingko tree associated to the love story between five women and men.

Beautiful Mt Hwangmaesan



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So let’s start making plans to experience this wonderful piece of arts nature Azalea blossoms in Mt Hwangmae  

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