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Overwhelmingly Beautiful Yonaha Maehama Beach With A Combination Of White Sand Beach And Emerald Green


9 Lesser Known Gorgeous Beaches You Must Visit


#5  Yonaha Maehama Beach, Miyako Island – Japan

This is a resort beach that represents an isolated island of Pristine Yonaha Maehama beachOkinawa, Miyako Island, and is a place which a considerable number of tourists from Japan and abroad visit.

This is a relaxing family beach with plenty of water sport options available for the adventurous types. Water jet pack, wave boarding, para-sailing and snorkeling for all ages, yacht,boating and jet-ski are also popular. Water is clear, warm and shallow. Waves are clam as there is nature reef at the entrance of the inlet blocking rough water. There is a public shower and wash room need by and two friendly vendors offering beach chairs and umbrellas for rent. Great water beach for all in the family!

Maehama Beach Aerial view

Beautiful Landscape With Stunning White Beach

The landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful, and a combination of white sand beach and emerald green is described as the best scenery in the orient. In particular, evening view peculiar to a coast facing west is the best situation which many photographers visit to take pictures.

Also known as Yonaha-Maehama Beach, this white sand beach in the southwestern corner of Miyako usually leads rankings of Japan’s best beaches.

However, the beach is less little crowded owing to 7 m length of the coastline despite its name recognition. That’s attractive. You might be able to feel like being in a private beach in the early morning and in the off season if you are lucky.

Maehama_beach Miyako

Pristine Yonaha Maehama beach

Maehama_beach_myako_island_okinawa Japan

Wonderful Places For Relax And Various Kids Fun

All the beaches on Miyakojima seem to have different purposes. This beach is a traditional soft sand beach with turquoise waters. The various concessions have umbrella, sand beds, and stuff to rent. They also have experiences like jet skies, being pulled by jet skies, power boots, and more.

This is also a wonderful place to relax and hang out. Kids can build sand castles and have fun. The water is warm and shallow quite far out.

There are rental shops in the surrounding area, and you can enjoy some marine sports with your hands empty. In addition, there are stalls, restaurants, showers, and changing rooms. An environment for spending the entire day at the beach has been established.

Yonaha Maehama Beach

Yonaha Maehama Beach Miyako Okinawa

Intrigue Sunset Settings Will Leave You With An Unforgettable Vacation

The beach is also known for beautiful sunsets. You will find an intrigue evening picturesque settings with your loved one to reignite the passion for romance.

Maehama Beach Sunset

Maehama Beach Miyako Island sunset


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