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Pakleni Hvar Island Has Gorgeous Chain Of 21 Wooded Isles With Crystal-Clear Seas


Top 10 Drop-Dead Stunning Beaches In Croatia


#5  Pakleni, Hvar Island

Island-hop from Pag Island to the Hvar, another hot and hip destination for tanned tourists. During July and August, the beaches here are packed which makes for body-bumping parties in the evening. When the sun goes down, head to some of the most popular bars on the Dalmatian coast like Korzo and Carpe Diem.


Kroatien Hvar Pakleni Otoci

Like a necklace of brilliants Pakleni otoci (Pakleni Islands) have spread in front of the port of Hvar. Most visitors to Hvar Town head to the Pakleni Islands (Pakleni Otoci), which got their name – ‘Hell’s Islands’ in Croatian – from paklina, the resin that once coated boats and ships.

Pakleni Otoci, Hvar, Croatia

This gorgeous chain of 21 wooded isles has crystal-clear seas, hidden beaches and deserted lagoons. Over six miles long group of islets represents one of biggest attractions of Croatian tourism. Spending a day there, you will feel adventurous at distance of only several hundred metres from island of Hvar. In the archipelago you will always find a hidden place for yourself. There you will feel safe, but will feel like being far away from civilisation. Mild nature will help you to relax and rest.

Palmizana Beach Pakleni island

Sea Kayaking Tour from Hvar to the Pakleni Islands

Taxi boats leave regularly during the high season from in front of the Arsenal to the islands of Jerolim and Stipanska (40KN, 10 to 15 minutes), which are popular naturist islands (although nudity is not mandatory). They continue on to Ždrilca and Mlini (40KN) and, further out, Palmižana (60KN), which has a pebble beach and the Meneghello Place, a beautiful boutique complex of villas and bungalows scattered among lush tropical gardens.

Pakleni_otoci_Taxi boat

The biggest islet called Sveti Klement offers facilities of a modern marina and there is no doubt you will adore the restaurant offer there. Numerous Hollywood stars and celebrities have already tested it for you.

Keeping strictly to Croatian language, Pakleni otoci would suggest the meaning like Hellish Islands. However, this place if far away from hell. This is rather heaven. The name comes from paklina, the kind of a tar used in shipbuilding in the past.

Sea kayaking around Pakleni islands

Sea Kayaking from Hvar to the Pakleni Islands

Sunset sailing Pakleni islands

Once you visit the Pakleni islands, it would be a pity not to try wines made out of grapes from this very place. Those that love fish specialties will definitely agree, but also party goers that have also recognized this place for years.

Spend a day away from the crowded beaches, enjoy the sun in the serenity of hidden coves, swim in a clear-blue sea and relax in the untouched nature of the Paklinski Islands.

Stipanska bay nearby the island Hvar


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