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Playa Sirena Shimmering Stretch Of White Sugar Sand Cuba


9 Lesser Known Gorgeous Beaches You Must Visit


#9  Playa Sirena – Cuba

Cuba is renowned for its spectacular Playa Sirena Cayo-largobeaches, which are kissed by the Atlantic Ocean on the north coast and the Caribbean Sea to the south.

Cuba also abounds in natural beauty. This vast island has more than 3,000 kilometers of coastline, much of it rimmed by dazzling beaches. Coral reefs glimmer in the turquoise waters, and Cuba’s lush countryside and sublime islands have played host to presidents.

Playa Sirena

Playa Sirena from top view

Natural Unspoiled Beauty Of Playa Sirena Beach

One of Cuba’s most beautiful beaches, Playa Sirena’s shimmering stretch of white-sugar sand melts into the blue Caribbean waters. It is connected to Playa Paraiso which make it the most outstanding of the uniformly spectacular stretches of sand along the length of Cayo Largo del Sur.

This picturesque enclave on the western side of the key is close to Cayo Largo’s all-inclusive hotels, and offers easy access to water activities like windsurfing and kayaking.

Playa Sirena Cayo-largo-cuba

Playa Sirena group fun

Playa Sirena Cayo-largo

Since U.S.-Cuba relations have warmed, tourists from the states are excitedly planning their much anticipated trips. While there are many great spots to explore around this Caribbean oasis, its sprawling white sands and crystal clear waters make Playa Sirena a standout beach. Conveniently for guests, Sirena offers full service facilities and boasts warm weather year round.

Playa Sirena Cuba

Playa Sirena beach

Much More Than Just A Beautiful Beach

  • Explore the nearby Parque Nacional Cienaga de Zapata, home to some of the world’s best birdwatching.
  • Tour El Torreon Nursery to experience the local wildlife.
  • For that full body tan, take advantage of Cayo Largo’s nude beaches.

Playa Sirena swimming with Dolphins


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