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Roatan Honduras Is A Breathtaking Paradise Island Vacation Where People Are Visiting Again And Again

Why Are People Keeps Returning To Roatan For Their Vacations

Do you think is there a better way to cap off a day of Roatan-beach Honduraspristine reef diving and heart-pumping adventure sports than by sipping a sunset cocktail? Didn’t think so! From ziplining to deep sea fishing to exploring the military-protected archipelago of Cayos Cochinos, the Honduran island of Roatan, located just 30 miles off the northern coast of Honduras, is a playground for lovers of water sports and ecotourism.

Landlubbers will flip for the Carambola Botanical Gardens, a tour of the Stone Castle Cameo Factory or exploring the beaches on horseback.

Roatan Turqoise Water beach

Roatan Offers A Laid-Back Getaway With Stunning Beaches And More

Roatán is the largest, most developed and most popular of the Honduran Bay Islands. It offers a laid-back getaway with beautiful beaches, turquoise waters teeming with colorful fish, lush vegetation and an easy transition into island life with no high-rises, no traffic and no stress. The Meso-American reef system that rings the Bay Islands like a jeweled necklace is second in size only to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Roatan is the perfect place to simply escape from the world, chill out and relax.

Roatan French Harbour

Roatan-Honduras Resort

Filled With Fun And Exciting Activities For All Ages

The reef protected waters are ideal for snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, swimming with dolphins, whale watching and a myriad of other water activities. Its lush jungle and mountainous terrain offer breathtaking zip-lining and canopy tour adventures. Horseback riding, botanical gardens, parks and wildlife are just the start of a Roatan vacation.

Dolphin Encounter in Roatan

Snokerling Roatan

Roatan Diving

Swimming with Whalesharks

Glass-bottom boat tours are a good option for families who want to see marine life close-up, without snorkeling or diving. View the beautiful reef, turtles, eagle rays and more, without getting wet.

Glass Bottom Boat Roatan

Roatan Glass Bottom Boat

Eco-Walk Through Suspended Bridges In The Jungle

While in port on Roatan, take an eco-walk across eight amazing suspension bridges in the Caribbean jungle. There is this half-day shore excursion includes a one-hour guided nature walk through the forest as you take in gorgeous views of island palms, tropical flowers, ‘Tarzan’ vines, birds and iguanas.

Eco Walk Suspension Bridge Roatan

Eco Jungle walk Roatan


Thrilling Ziplining You Wish It Could Be Longer

Get a glimpse of white-faced capuchin monkeys while ziplining through the trees. Touted as one of the longest zip line courses on the island, this outfitter will have you briefed and suited up for fun in no time.

Roatan Zipline

Roatan Thrilling Ziplining

Get Up Close With Little Giant Iguanas Surrounding You – Arch’s Iguana Park

The Iguana’s were too numerous to count and just like puppies. The more you scratched their side the more they tilted their head and leaned in for more. the highlight was a hug from a 3 toed sloth.

Arch's Iguana and Marine Park Roatan

Arch Iguana Farm - Roatan Honduras

Feeding an Iguana French Cay Roatan

Awesome Horseback Riding Into The Sea And Ravel Through The Jungle

Take a Horseback riding tour through the jungles and along the beach is absolutely an amazing experience to have a WONDERFUL time in Honduras! Highly recommended!!!

Beach-horseback-ride mahogany-bay roatan

Horseback ride Roatan

Honduras Roatan-Horseback-Riding

Mahogany Bay Horseback riding Roatan

Roatan Jungle Horseback Riding


Get A Taste Of Local Specialities For A Fine Dining In Raotan

Roatan dining and cuisine caters to tastes and palettes of every traveller. Try banana pancakes, Honduran coffee and fresh fruit smoothies for breakfast, or traditional Baleadas and coconut prawns at lunch. How about conch chowder, lobster tails and Caribbean-style rotisserie chicken for dinner? But Roatan dining is more than local traditional fare.

Delicious Roatan Restaurant

Dining in Roatan Bare foot cay

Exquisite Souvenirs and Shopping Spree To Let Loose Your Wallet

Roatan shopping offers everything from classic Caribbean souvenirs to unique one-of-a-kind items. Visit an open air market in Coxen Hole or stroll along West Bay Beach to see local wares on display.



Roatan West Bay Beach


Take the plunge into the Fun-Packed Adventures of Roatan Honduras!

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