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San Pancho Riviera Nayarit Mexico Offers A Beautiful Wide White Sand Beach


9 Lesser Known Gorgeous Beaches You Must Visit


#4  San Pancho, Riviera Nayarit – Mexico

San Pancho is a small town full of traditional San Pancho BikinisMexican sights, such as roaming roosters and quaint squares. The town itself is shady, with countless flowering vines and trees that create a sense of peaceful seclusion.

The extension of México brings many possibilities of beautiful towns and majestic beaches. In the state of Nayarit you can also encounter some wonderful mystic paradises like San Pancho, a small almost virgin beach very close to Sayulita or Puerto Vallarta, México.

San Pancho offers a beautiful wide sandy beach and a very typical Mexican village, with horseback riders along the streets, roosters and chicken in your neighbor’s yard.

San Pancho is also well-known due to its favorable location for various activities in Bahia de Banderas, such as whale watching, amateur fishing and sportsfishing, surfing and others.

Sayulita San Pancho


San pancho_beach

San Pancho’s beaches are sometimes unswimmer friendly. Yet this does not persist and there are days that really invite one to jump into the ocean.

It has broad white sand beaches and is picturesque.

The south end of the beach is the best place to swim, and lots of the time in the summer the beach is swimmable…the beaches out by Lydia’s are not so swimmable. Generally in the summer, the beach is much more shallow and the waves break farther out and gentler. In the winter, when it is rough, it is a shore break with big surf.

Puerto Vallarta San Pancho

San Pancho Bikinis

San-Pancho-beach-Mexico when evening falls

San Pancho Beach facing Villas

Romantic Sunsets Over The Horizon

As evening approaches, the wide, clean beach is even more tranquil, with its vivid sunsets and bird-filled estuary. There are a couple of restaurants and bars right on the beach, but they are mostly low-key and quiet.





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