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The Most Amazing Place You Won’t Believe Is Real




Brief Introduction

South America Climate is predominantly wet and hot. However the large size of the continent makes the climate of South America varied with each region having its own characteristic weather conditions.

Brazil is located on the eastern coast of South America, by the Atlantic Ocean. It is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of territorial extension. It has the biggest forest on Earth, vast natural water reservoirs and water resources of inestimable value for the planet.

Salvador Bahia in Brazil is a destination that not many people are aware of, but is one of the spectacular place you won’t believe actually exist in Nature. Well, let’s take a look in unveiling the mystery of this authentic attraction with Cheap Luxury Holidays South America Brazil (Salvador Brazil vacation) – Live in style on Low Cost Spending!


The Enchanted Well Brazil (Poco Encantado) One of the most amazing place you won’t believe is real.

The Enchanted Well or Poco Encantado, is located in the Chapada Diamantina** National Park in Bahia State, approximately 400 Km inland from Salvador,Enchanted Well the capital city of Bahia. The water is said to be about 120 feet deep and the water is so transparent that is clear enough to see the ancient tree trunk and rocks situated at the bottom.

When the sun is glaring down right through the narrow opening reflected by minerals of the water, especially magnesium, creates an unique stunning blue reflection on the water. Do not forget your camera or view cam to capture the spectacular view which we might not even know it really exist in this part of the world.

Between October to March, you will be experiencing this exquisite scene under the full moon night where the source will be initiated by the moonlight – fascinating sight. Remarkable experience is the only word that could probably best describe such a breath-taking view.

It’s the unexpected unique experiences that make a journey unforgettable. See, hear, touch and smell the place and immerse yourself in the blue water pool if you might. Roam around the place and don’t settle for anything less then snapping those enchanting pictures from all around the corners, and you will be glad that you’ve read this article and I’m happy that you did. This is truly only by self-experiencing to realize that the world is so beautiful.


As you might expect with the water is as pure, access to this phenomenon pond itself is extremely limited, environmental protection. This giant sunken pool is delicate and rare eco-system is naturally highly controlled. If you have been through a lot of amazing places, this is the top of the destination you would not want to miss.


**Note: Chapada Diamantina enables the choice of walking among caves, many waterfalls, natural chutes, mountains with glamorous views, valleys and ravines.


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Experience The Most Amazing Place You Won’t Believe Is Real  

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