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Boracay Philippines

Boracay Beach Philippines Description: Not many people know boracay-beach-night-philippinesthat one of the most beautiful tropical destinations in the world is made up of not just one but more than a dozen Boracay Beaches, each one with its own beauty and uniqueness that few can fully appreciate. In fact, no real Boracay vacation is complete without seeing several of the best Boracay Beaches.

The island is famous for its azure clear, crystalline waters and powdery white, sandy beaches and hundreds of things to do. Boracay island and in particular, Boracay Beaches has countless activities and festivities happening all at the same time. Guests can try all sorts of water sports from sailing, wind surfing, scuba, cliff jumping, island hopping and even para-sailing just to name a few. Inland activities include island trekking, riding horseback, bicycling, seeing the tourist attractions and the hike. There’s even a 72-par golf course on the island. Anything and everything can be done on Boracay Beaches.



Top 6 Most Popular Attractions in Boracay Philippines

1. Boracay Beaches

a) White Beach 

This is the most well known beach inBoracay white beach Boracay. It is 4 kilometers long and up to 100 meters wide. With its beautiful stretch of powdery white sand against azure water, this area is also the commercial centre of the island with many restaurants, cafes, bars, internet cafes, shops, bakeries, etc. Many prime resorts and hotels in Boracay are located in this stretch.

This famous stretch of white sand is the premier beauty and tourist attraction of boracay. The major attractions here are sunbathing on the sparkling white sand or relaxing under the cool shelter of the bordering palm trees. Wading and snorkeling are also popular here, as the gentle slope of the sand produces shallows a long way out from the shore. Skimboardingbanana boat rideglass bottom boat, and Sailing are also popular here. There are also some masseurs who ply the beach offering thier service.

boracay white beach, philippines



b) Balinghai Beach

For those searching for the perfect Boracay Beach for some seclusion, privacy and intimacy, then Balinghai Beach is your ticket. Balinghai BeachEnclosed by craggy walls of rock, Balinghai Beach is a romantic hideaway for those who prefer quiet place and solitute.The beach is protected by some rock walls that seclude it from the rest of the island. Guests can choose from cottages right on the beach or from those which have been constructed on the rock face. Avid snorkelers love this beach for the amazing marine life and corals which are just a few meters from the shore. Tourists can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and dining in a relaxed, peaceful environment.

Balinghai Beach

BalingHai Beach


c) Diniwid Beach

Another of the famous Boracay Beaches is Diniwid. It is in fact part of a private resort and is lesser in size than White Beach. The beach itself is only about 200 meters, but equally as breathtaking. This strip of sand is situated on the north side of the island and White Beach. Those who undertake the trek are rewarded with one of the best views of the island from a platform rock. Built on a steep, high seacliff at the end of Diniwid Beach, is an exclusive resort home area. Although it’s small, lots of visitors flock to Diniwid for the stunning view of the island from the platform outcrop which is located.

Diniwid Beach

Diniwid Beach


d) Puka Shell Beach

The second longest in the island with its length at approximately 1.3 kilometers, covers half of the northern tip of the island. This shore is often called Yapak Beach. The mild surf is typical of an island surrounded by fringing reefs. The beach has an abundance of small shells and tiny, white coral amulets, which are suitable for necklace pendants. Puka beach is named after the Puka shell, regarded by experts as the finest in the world. To fully appreciate the ecenery, motorized banca trips are recommended. The beach ends abruptly at the Lapuz-Lapuz cliffs, on the extreme Northern point of the island. This is the most primitive and rugged part of boracay.


Puka Shell Beach


e) Bulabog Beach

Among all the Boracay Beaches, windsurfers and kite boarders love this one the most, Bulabog Beach. Amateurs and professionals take advantage of the strong winds as they race from one end to the other, truly a windsurfer’s paradise. The strips of sand and water just pulsates with life in the initial months of the year. Although visitors can do all kinds of wind sports in all Boracay Beaches, if they want to challenge themselves and be competitive, Bulabog Beach is the only beach for them.




f) Ilig-Iligan Beach 

Ilig Iligan Boracay Beach is on the east coast of Boracay Island and offers several coves and caves. Inland on Boracay Island is an impressive jungle where giant fruit bats may be seen hanging in the trees. Local Boracay Island boys offer their services as Boracay Tour guides to the Bat Caves, located a 30-minute walk inland from the Ilig Iligan Boracay Beach. Ilig Iligan Beach is accessible by road via motorbike, bicycle or hiking. Like most Boracay Beaches on Boracay Island’s east coast , access by boat depends on the Boracay weather and tide, with the sea sometimes rough during the northeast monsoon. During the southwest monsoon, however, the sea is normally calm an clear, perfect for snorkeling and offshore Boracay Scuba Diving Trips.


ilig_iligan_beach sightseeing-caves


g) Manoc-Manoc Beach

Another beach in the south of Boracay is called Manoc-Manoc Beach which is ideal for enjoying various water sports such as snorkeling and just wading. The beach also offers great views of the mountain and hillsides of the island along with the jetty of Caticlan. Along Manoc Manoc beach, there are a lot of shops where visitors can have some food and cool beverages. The beach is windy the whole year. Manoc Manoc Beach is a busy place with a steady stream of boats from Caticlan unloading needed supplies for Boracay Hotels, Resorts, and other businesses.

Manoc-Manoc Beach

Manoc-Manoc Beach


2) Mount Luho

Mount Luho is the highest point and the most impressive viewpoint in Boracay and one of the tourist attractions that rises up to an altitude of 100 meters above sea level. It is a small mountain with a viewing deck and one can get an amazing view of the east coast from of the island. The best way going there is to hike or take your mountain bike up and steep road going north fromBarangay Bulabog, on the Eastern side of Boracay Island. Leaving Bulabog Village, you will reach a much quieter world with only the chirps of birds and occasional distant banca. Continuing north, a sign on the road will tell you where to pay a small entrance fee and begin your climb to the panoramic view of Boracay Island.

Mount Luho

Mount Luho

mt luho sign-named


3. Live Coral Beds

On the southern end of White Beach, past the beach rocks, is a large coral shelf that has the countless varieties of living coral in a myriad of shapes and sizes, including many examples of colorful branin coral. The shelf is exposed above the water at low tide. The coral and the rocky coast line combine to make a perfect location for photographers.

Live Coral Beds


4. Caves

There are number of caves on Boracay Island. The Kalikugan Cave is located between Baling-Hai and Punta Bunga Beaches. You will find the Crystal Cave, Cave of Buslugan and the Bat Cave on the rocky coasteast of Yapak. The Bat Cave is home to many cave bats with wingspans up to four feet. Flying foxes hang in nearby trees during the day. For small amount, local guide can lead you to the Bat Caves, Buslugan Caves and other caves on the island. This place is quite a popular site for naturalists, photographers and adventure seekers.






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