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Koh Samui Thailand

Koh Samui’s repertoire of things to do and see is varied and interesting: features-ko-samui-w-retreatthe island hosts a great deal of splendid natural and man-made attractions from mummified monks to the famous grandma and grandpa rocks (Hin Ta & Hin Yai) to attractive waterfalls and more, there’s nothing to stop you having a blast on Samui Island.

For those interested in religious imagery and architecture the Big Buddha will impress – especially at sunset. Nature lovers can visit Ang Thong Marine National Park on a day trip to enjoy a genuine ‘get away from it all’ feel in the splendid tropical islands it hosts.





koh-samui Villa

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Ang Thong National Marine Park is a pristine archipelago of 42 islands in the Gulf of Thailand with towering limestone mountains, thick jungle, white-sand beaches, fertile mangroves, waterfalls and hidden coves and lakes to explore. Within sight of Koh Samui, Ang Thong park is a protected area of more than 100 square kilometres of land and sea, and home to a rich variety of exotic wildlife and sea creatures. Snorkelling, hiking, sea kayaking, diving, sailing and simply relaxing on one of its idyllic beaches are the main activities to enjoy on Ang Thong.


Most Ang Thong visitors arrive on a join-in day trip or by boat charter from Koh Samui or Koh Pha Ngan. For those who wish to stay overnight, there are simple bungalows and camping tents available for rent at the Park Headquarters on Koh Wua Talab, where a simple restaurant is found as well. Though the park has started to get busy with day-trippers in the peak season, the Ang Thong islands remain the postcard-perfect image of a tropical paradise.

Koh Samui has acquired a reputation as a beach destination, however, the island’s rich natural attractions also fascinate many nature lovers. Koh Samui’s waterfalls are renowned for their picturesque settings and natural rock formations surrounding them. Regardless of whether you are a nature enthusiast, you will be spellbound when you see Koh Samui’s beautiful waterfalls.


Na Muang Waterfall

Chaweng is the most popular resort town in Koh Samui. Located on Samui’s northeastern coast, the beach there is the longest strip of sand available in Samui – about seven km including Chaweng Noi. The central part of Chaweng is the most crowded, and access to the beach itself is only possible through the hotels built right on it.

Hin Ta and Hin Yai, some fascinating rock formations on Koh Samui’s south coast, have been a source of mirth and wonder on the island since they were discovered by the locals many years ago. Art often imitates Nature, but less common is Nature imitating Art, especially the Art of the Ribald. But in Thailand anything is possible and these rocks, known as Grandpa (Ta) and Grandma (Yai), look, respectively, like male and female genitalia.

Set on the rocky coastline between Lamai and Hua Thanon, Hin Ta and Hin Yai raise indulgent chuckles or embarrassed titters from those who go to see them. This unusual and titillating sight has, naturally, given rise to a legend explaining how the rocks came into being.

Hin Ta and Hin Ya

Hin Ta and Hin Ya

The beach of Chaweng is the main attraction here, and apart from Wat Khao Hua Jook (a beautiful elevated Buddhist temple standing above Q Bar at Chaweng’s northern end), most of the attractions featured in our Top 10 list below are in fact activities. Sport/ leisure/nightlife-oriented, the best attractions in Chaweng aim at entertaining the ever-growing number of visitors to this exotic destination.

  1. Chaweng Beach
  2. Soi Reggae (Nightlife Entertainment)
  3. Thai Boxing
  4. Moulin Rouge Cabaret
  5. Samui Football Golf Club
  6. Wat Khao Hua Jook
  7. Crazy Golf
  8. Samui Bungy Jump
  9. Samui Shooting Sport
  10. Thai Cooking Classes

Apart from the beaches and waterfalls in Koh Samui, visitors should also explore some other attractions, such as the local zoo and aquarium. If you are travelling with your family or with young children, then visiting the Samui Aquarium and Zoo is a great option for a fun day out.

The Samui Zoo and Aquarium hosts many popular shows, exhibits and tiger shows and both venues are have exciting exhibitions for kids and adults alike.



Big Buddha temple sits majestically on a small rocky island off Koh Samui’s north-eastern corner. Known locally as Wat Phra Yai, its golden, 12-metre seated Buddha statue was built in 1972 and remains one of the island’s most popular attractions. Set on Koh Faan, Big Buddha temple is reached by a causeway that connects it to the main island. The Big Buddha can be seen at a distance of several kilometres and is often the first landmark people see when arriving to Samui by air.

The Big Buddha sits in the Mara posture, with the left hand’s palm up resting on the lap and the right hand facing down, the fingers hanging over the knee and grazing the ground. The pose is a symbol of steadfastness, purity and enlightenment.




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