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Tahiti Is A Sensual Paradise For Creating Magical Romantic Memories


Attention All Romance Seeker! 10 Mesmerizing Places On Earth Where Romance Lives


#9  Thaiti – French Polynesia

Have you ever dreamed of a honeymoon or romantic holiday in a luxury overwater bungalow, looking out over crystal clear ocean and an endless horizon? How about vast fields of green and jagged dramatic cliffs falling into the turquoise sea? There is no better place to celebrate your new life together or to celebrate a milestone of your relationship in Tahiti – the Intimate resorts, small peaceful villages, and miles of quiet pristine beaches explain why Tahiti is ranked #1 in the world for “alone time.”

Tahiti Azure water

Tahiti French Polynesia

Each of the many islands of Tahiti is a tiny paradise. Some isles are crowned with jagged peaks soaring magically out of the ocean in an explosion of green velvet while others appear as if gracefully tossed upon the ocean – barely floating above the breaking waves.

French Polynesia Thaiti


Romance is in the air from the moment you set foot in the islands. Tahiti and her islands are a sensual paradise ripe for creating magical romantic memories that will last a lifetime. Rekindling the fires of passion is easy with a variety of signature Tahitian romantic excursions and services including the Polynesian Canoe Breakfast, Private Motu Picnic, and of course the pageantry of a traditional Polynesian Wedding Ceremony.

Tahiti wedding

Tahiti Overwater resort

Full of resorts, restaurants, markets, high-end boutiques and luxurious spa facilities you can truly indulge all your senses if you spend part of your honeymoon or romantic getaway here, before venturing to one of French Polynesia’s other islands.

Some of the world’s best surfing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are found in Tahiti. Also popular are enjoying exquisite French Polynesian cuisine, beach strolling, relaxing in the sand, sunset watching, and walking through beautiful tropical gardens.

Romantic Tahiti Sunset

Tahiti’s spa culture is something else. With open-air facilities nestled amongst tropical gardens and beaches with gorgeous lagoon views, Tahiti and her islands are home to a treasure trove of rare sights, such as Tikehau, also known as Pink Sand Island. Long stretches of pink and white sand curve stand out against the sapphire ocean. Snorkelling is a must here, with schools of thousands of friendly fish awaiting your visit.


Tahiti Resort Pool Massage

Getting to know the very hospitable and friendly Tahitian people are unforgettable highlights of any visit or honeymoon to these magical Islands.

Tahiti Romance


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