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What’s So Great About Barbados?


Everyone’s are talking about Barbados and has seen an ever-increasing tourism in this Caribbean island

The easternmost Caribbean island, Barbados is relatively flat around the edges, rising gently to a central highland region.Barbados bottom-bay

The island is home to more than 92 kilometres of long blonde beaches, which are backed by palm trees and lapped by luminous blue waters.

Barbados has it all: beach resorts from humble to grand, smashing nightlife, a Unesco World Heritage capitol, Bridgetown, a beautiful interior dotted with gardens, wild surf on the lonely east coast and a proud and welcoming populace.

The western coast is especially popular for holidays to Barbados. It’s where you’ll find the resorts of St James and St Peter and has even earned itself the nickname of the Platinum Coast, thanks to the purity of its sand.


Barbados is a lovely Caribbean island

Steeped in tradition, and yet, at the same time, utterly natural and charming. Barbados vacations can unfold in a million ways: visit the heritage homes and gardens, swim with the turtles, watch international cricket, dine under the stars… it’s all a matter of choice for your luxury Caribbean holidays.

Paynes Bay Fish Market on the West Coast of Barbados

Barbados resort

Barbados white soft sandy beach


The People

Barbados is a great island for mixing with the locals who are so gracious and hospitable. Ask anyone who’s been lost while driving around in the middle of no where! When you take the time to ask how their day is going, you’ll almost always hear a great story and sometimes, make a friend for life.

Barbados friendly locals

The Beaches

All are public, some are wavy, some are calm, some are surfer’s paradise…all are gorgeous with up to date facillities, eateries and most with lifeguards

Along the island’s west coast, also known as the Platinum Coast, the beaches are pristine, with white sand and crystal clear water as far as the eye can see. The calm waters make this area a prime spot for just about any water sport, including paddleboarding, windsurfing and kayaking. As the island is ringed with beautiful coral reefs, it is a haven paradise for snorkelers.

Barbados stunning beach

Barbados Boardwalk

Barbados Snorkeler-with-fish



Restaurants & nightlife

There are many wonderful fine dining restaurants with views that are worth a million dollars. There are many mid price range eateries where you can have some fabulous meals; again with wonderful views of the sea or the rolling hills. My favourite are the many local establishments that are run by mom and pop…rum shops, roadside food vans, small local places tucked away in a rural setting. Nightlife, there are so many options here, from nightclubs to jazz bars to extravaganza shows or good ‘ole karaoke at a rum shop.

Barbados Claridges_Dining

Barbados nightlife

When you’re in Barbados, you need to experience Oistins on Friday and Saturday nights to let loose.

It is an open night market – great place to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the good entertainment with live bands and lots of dancing.

You’ll also find live music going well into the night. Nearby, the St. Lawrence Gap, or “the Gap” as it’s known locally, is the place to go for nightlife. This area has everything from Italian bistros to Irish pubs and lots of live music spots. If you’re on the west side of the island, Holetown has no shortage of great bars and restaurants. It does get really busy so be sure to plan ahead of time for your transportation.


Friday Night At Oistins Fish Fry In Barbados

Oistins Fish Fry In Barbados

Barbados Nightlife

Bridgetown – Barbados’ capital city

Offers everything from higher-end jewelry shops to tiny boutiques. If you’re looking for some of the bigger brands like Longchamp, M.A.C. and Michael Kors, hit up The Limegrove Lifestyle Centre in Holetown for duty-free shopping.

Chamberlain Bridge spanning the Careenage, Bridgetown

bridgetown barbados shopping street

Bridgetown-barbados shops


Barbados Roundup – Think of the island In FIVE parts

Firstly, there’s the upmarket west coast, where the narrow but pretty beaches are usually lapped by mill-pond calm water and overseen by luxury hotels and villas.

Secondly, there’s the more heavily developed south coast, where the beaches are sometimes too populous with surfers for safe swimming.

Thirdly is the tranquil and unspoiled east coast; battered by Atlantic breakers, it has just a few places to stay.

Fourthly is the island’s rolling interior, with some absorbing sights such as plantation houses, botanic gardens and caves nestled among the fields of sugar cane.

Lastly, there’s Bridgetown and its environs: though the island’s capital is not especially appealing, the nearby historic Garrison area, recently placed on Unesco’s World Heritage List, warrants a visit, ideally on a guided tour.


Can’t wait to Discover the Greatness of Barbados?

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