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How To Live In Style On Low Cost Spending


Luxury Lifestyle

How you want to live your life? Your living style may not be very costly. Besides living in a multi-million dollars Bungalow, mansion,Luxury Mansion posh condo or just an apartment, we must realize that those are a very physical element. What you are about to discover is a brand new style you would want to strive for – how to live in style without spending large amount of money with self grooming tips.

People are always looking to improve themselves through numerous ways of getting an impressive image either for their working environment, boosting self-confidence or be appropriate on dressing for certain events.  The most notably importance is to get the lasting first impressions of others. Style yourself is now becoming the latest trend of looking good while at the same time lifting up self-confidence which will helps brightens your everyday life.

So let’s start styling ourselves to the latest trends without spending huge amount of money, but first and foremost, style start within ourselves. Styling self-image is the fundamental and is a key essential to the success of what we call Style Living in Luxury Lifestyle.


Normally people tends to comment, criticize others while forgetting all about themselves.

What people’s comments or criticizes on others:

- hairdo
- eyebrow too thin or too thick
- no double eyelid
- big nose/big mouth
- body shape not proportion
- too stout/muscular
- too tall/short
- too fat/skinny
- no fashion sense
- etc

The keypoint here is, this is a vice-versa reaction. Hence we should have a good self-reflection (deep thoughts) and start living yourselves in style.

Deep Thoughts Quotes

  1. Discard or minimizes the negativity thoughts of your shortcoming
  2. Do not ECHO on the negative points
  3. Start realizing your positive point
  4. Build up your self-confidence by elaborating the plus points
  5. Keep doing it and improvise over the time

Share your point/s by leaving a comment below.

Once the good habits are cultivated, confidence and self-esteem will gradually built up and you are ready to shine from inner out.



Self-improvement is an ongoing action and this is how life is all about. This will help in socializing, creating a better workplace, construct a warmth-welcoming family and gaining well respects by others.

  1. Understand  and improve your body language
  2. Languages use – no vulgarity, less critic/harsh tone
  3. Learn from other’s good point
  4. Control your temper (if you are a temperamental person)
  5. Shower your love with your friends and family
  6. Stop complaining and start looking forward

Enhance your self-grooming tips in more details

Style yourselves to your confidence and success!

Compliment with a style outfits:

  • Choose a clothing that best matches your character

Casual Attire

Bear in mind on the different climate you are in and occasion.

  • Choose colors wisely

Ladies Bermuda

Mens Bermudas

Darker colors will portray a slimmer body shape and sophisticated. Lighter colors symbolizes energetic and youthfulness.

  • Do not wear oversize clothing unless it’s a fluffy texture by nature.
  • Accessories like watches, necklace, handbags etc.


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Well, let’s drive your experience to a new heights!

Luxury lifestyle encompasses all aspect of our everyday life, you can live in style with nice outfit (clothings, accessories, watches, perfume etc), travelling (a great way of relaxation, recharge or widen your horizon) and indulge yourself in great foods, desserts and much more.

Most importantly, you can enjoy all these in style without exorbitant spending.


Useful Tips” at the top Menu bar will help to equip you with helpful and practical informations on Luxury Lifestyle without spending large amount of money.


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