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Live In Style On Healthy Indulgences


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Luxury Lifestyle – Healthy Indulgences

To Live in Style often associates with indulging yourself in good food, exquisite wine and delicacies. More and more restaurants are setups, best deals promotion from credit card partners and tough competitions has driven the food and beverage industry to a comfortable affordability. Hence plenary indulgence in sumptuous meal is no longer an obstacle to live in style without exorbitant spending. However, while enjoying the delicacies, we must be health conscious and enjoy life for another 10, 20,40 years and so on, this is what we call Style Living with Healthy Indulgences – healthy food meals!

Take a look at these delicious food, their temptation is irresistible. But in fact how many of us do really know what are their calories, fats and unhealthy substances lies beneath them.


Crispy Pork Knuckle

Chilli Crab

Seafood Platter





Seafood Factsheet

Eating seafood may not be a bad idea, a considerable amount of seafood intake could benefits us. Seafood is highly nutritious, it contains healthy fats – Omega-3s. For adults, seafood lowers the risk of heart disease as for children and babies, seafood promotes healthy brain development.


Let’s take a look at the factsheet on the common seafood that you and I would indulge in.


 Seafood Choices

*Omega-3 = eicosapentaenoic + docosahexaenoic acid (EPA+DHA). Values provided are for cooked, edible portion.

So, remember this motto:

“Choose Wisely, Eat Healthy”


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