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Luxury Lifestyle Living – Cheap Luxury Holidays


Travelling to Europe, America or Oceanic countries seems way too expensive or rather, it could cost a bombMoney Not Enough. As the saying goes, one trip to Europe, takes you thousands of sweat working. Hence, cheap luxury holidays is the latest trend that everyone are striving for.

In short, luxury lifestyle vacations does not necessarily mean spending exorbitant amounts of money on expensive airfare, hotel accommodations, sight-seeing etc. There are many budget friendly options available that you can take and would still allow you to get to your dream destinations. So if you think you can’t afford to travel to Europe, America and Oceanic countries, think again.

Always the bane of travelers and backpackers, saving money in those countries isn’t easy, but it’s possible. HOW? Buy lottery and pray for the best? Not really!

Gambling is bad and it won’t take you anywhere. Follow my tips which I will be showing you the 10 steps that could send you packing to the destination you’ve always planned going, while still keeping within your budget – Luxury Holidays without spending large amount of money!


10 Steps on Cheap Luxury Holidays


Step 1: Research For Good Air Fare And Hotel Accommodation

Internet provides a very good way for you to do so. Take advantage of budget airlines, even if you upgrade to a spacious seat (optional), it is still a fraction of price as compared to normal airlines and best still, it has the same destinations as other commercial airlines.

Cheap flights

Nice Hotel View

Research and make comparison for hotels accommodation, there are many agencies providing best deals and often times, there will be an additional special discounts on top of the offers. It could takes considerable time and effort to make comparisons which may confuse you before making a decision.

The best way to get cheap and competitive hotels rates is to get informations with more than 100’s agencies offering the best deals within the same site. Try this recommended site below that will allow you to have more than 10 comparison agencies at a go. Remember, click into each agency’s link especially expedia, and, they will offer additional discounts from time to time, so do check in here to enjoy the special rate.


Click here to access to the hotel rate comparisons and special discounts.


Step 2: Choose Your Date For Cheaper Air Flight Rate

If possible, try to avoid departure on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Midweek flights are often 3 – 4 times cheaper than travelling at weekends.

Plan Your Trip


Step 3: Get A Transportation Card For Buses Or Trains Trip

Many travelers make a mistake of not purchasing a transportation card to get around the destinations from place to place. It will save you the queuing time to purchase a single trip ticket and in addition, single trip fare may cost you much more. Worst of all, cab or taxi fare may cause you to bleed before your holiday journey starts. So remember to leverage on the effective and efficient transport card to ferry you around from place to place.

Transportation Card


Step 4: Don’t Buy The Local Tourist Pass

A tourist pass aren’t cheap and it would takes four to five rides per day just to break even. Unless you really get a thrill out of riding the trains and buses around the city, chances are that you’ll spend a lot of your pass time travelling around on trains and buses than you have more quality time for sight-seeing and experiencing the local cultures.

 Tourist Pass


Step 5: Eat In Food Halls/Stalls Or Restaurants that don’t display “We speak ENGLISH”

Local delicacies, good foods and exquisite wines can be found in Food Halls/Stalls or within some household restaurants. Some food courts in posh malls and at the bottoms of nearly every skyscraper are priced slightly higher than standalone food centre. Occasionally, you may indulge yourself with nice fanciful restaurants but do keep a look out for handwritten signages instead of restaurants displaying “We speak ENGLISH”.


Get more info from Tips On Cheap Luxury Holidays here


Food Halls


Step 6: Enjoy The Parks And Skyline View

Most of the cities are blessed with an excellent park matrix which spiders through the city. The parks and skyline views can be enjoyed for free, experiencing the breadth-taking sceneries and stunning river view that may catch your eyes with astonishment.

Canada SkylineCharles Bridge


Step 7: Take Advantage Of Freebies

Savvy travelers can find art displays, public performances and street performers along some city centre, river front or arts center – particularly on weekends! Enjoy the enchanting performances and dance to the rhythm if you want.

Public performanceArtistic Performance


Step 8: Shop At The Right Place

There are lot’s of shopping malls which you could explore in buying clothes, souvenirs or dip yourself into branded stuffs – some branded goods that are made in locals may cost cheaper than in your own country. Avoid some of the malls that can be ridiculously expensive and are all out to squeeze tourist until it’s last drop – pathetic tourist.

Try making few friendly local friends whom may seems to be trustworthy – based on your own judgement, ask for best shopping malls and places they often visits. It can’t go wrong given that the locals are also patronizing them.

Shopping Mall


Step 9: Take Mini Tour

I’m not talking about bus tours that takes days but one day tour that take you to many different places within the city. Not only will they take you to places you probably want to visit anyway, the bus driver is usually quite entertaining and informative as well.

Leverage on the knowledge of the hotel’s concierge and reception staff to find out day tour packages and places to avoid and ideas for good shopping.

Day Tour

Day Tour-from-london


Step 10: Remember The Guidelines For Liquids, Aerosols And Gels In Hand-Carry Luggage

Be sure that you do not carry any liquids form in terms of drinking water, perfume, shampoo, cosmetics etc for more than 100ml (3.4 ounces) in your hand-carry luggage. This is to prevent you from throwing them away or having to send back via shipping that will incur unnecessary additional cost. This could save you on unforeseen expenses.

This measure is in line with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) recommendations, made after the reported United Kingdom aviation terror plot in August 2006 and following the recommendations on these restrictions issued by ICAO on 30 March 2007.


ICAO Liquids


If you have any travelling tips you would want to share, I’ll be happy to see your comments below. Your kind contributions may be posted here in


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You can read some of the MOST popular destinations customer’s review (Travel Reviews & Bookings – Top Menu bar) before making a choice!

Wish you have a terrific cheap luxury holidays!



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