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Who Topped The Magnificent Castles & Historical Monuments With More Than 3 Millions Visitors Annually


Le Mont Saint Michel Castle Tour France

As far as castles and historical monuments go, Mont Saint Michelmont saint-Michel castle, france is at the top of the pile. The rock upon which the castle and all the structures of Mont Saint Michel are built measures a height of 84 meters.

When traveling from Paris to Mont Saint Michel by train, you have a few options. Mont Saint Michel is a world heritage site and rightfully so. This castle is a historical treasure located in the beautiful Normandy countryside of France. To be clear, getting to Mont Saint Michel from Paris can get a little complicated.
Mont Saint Michel castle is in Couesnon gulf, in the North atlantic ocean.
Today The Mont Saint Michel Castle is visited by more than 3 million visitors each year – more than just popular Paris and Versailles. The largest among them, Mont Tomb (French for burial hill”), and is now the name of the Mont Saint Michel.

In the period of Hundred Years War between France and England, the Mont Saint Michel was the last resort for French. Apart from monuments in and around Paris, Mont Saint Michel is the most visited tourist attraction in France. A Mont St. Michel tour visits several otherwise inaccessible towers and rooms.

Visitors today are not often in search of Christian redemption but their spiritual reactions to Mont Saint Michel and St Michael’s Mount may be similiar to those of pilgrims in the late Middle Ages.

Le Mont Saint Michel Castle France

If your French is up to par, there is a guided Mont St. Michel tour every half hour.

The definitive break occurred in 1414 when Henry V formally appropriated St Michael’s from Mount Saint Michel. This idea is reinforced by the fact that Bernard du Bec appears to have been responsible for the creation of Lady Chapels (dedicated to the Virgin Mary) on both St Michael’s Mount and Tomberlaine, the island adjacent to Mont Saint Michel. The monks at the ducal monastery of Mont Saint Michel might well have expected to benefit from the Norman Conquest.

Mont Saint Michel illuminated at night embodies an entirely different kind of beauty. As said, Le Mont Saint Michel is – after Paris – the number one tourist attraction of France. Having visited Mont Saint Michel, I can never get enough looking at it.

A guide visit of Mont Saint Michel Throughout time a place of prayer and meditation, the Mont is dominated by its abbey whose first stones were laid in the XIth century. Throughout the history of its existence, the Mont Saint Michel has survived many wars that left their trace on its appearance.

Mont Saint Michel was one of the first monuments to be classed as a UNESCO world heritage site, as far back as 1979.


Get Around and Things to Do In Le Mont Saint Michel


Uncover this magnificent rocky islet topped by a famous Gothic abbey is a World heritage site in France  

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