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The United States has varied weather conditions, and the best time to visit depends both upon the location and the season. Spring (March, April, May) and autumn (September and October) are generally cooler, more comfortable times to visit. Summer months – June, July, and August – are generally hot regardless of the region, but winter temperatures (November-February) can vary substantially depending upon the part of the US you are visiting. The southern part of the country tends to be warmer in the winter than the north. The general climate of the continental US is temperate, but keep in mind that Hawaii is tropical and Alaska is arctic. Many of the country’s dependent territories, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, are also tropical.

North America, extending to within 10° of latitude of both the equator and the North Pole, embraces every climatic zone, from tropical rain forest and savanna on the lowlands of Central America to areas of permanent ice cap in central Greenland. Subarctic and tundra climates prevail in N Canada and N Alaska, and desert and semiarid conditions are found in interior regions cut off by high mountains from rain-bearing westerly winds.

Central America has a tropical humid climate. It has no real winter; even the coldest month averages above 18 °C, with summers of 27 to 28

South America Climate is predominantly wet and hot. However the large size of the continent makes the climate of South America varied with each region having its own characteristic weather conditions.


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Place: New York City – USANew York City

Capital: Central heart of USA – Washington DC

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Places of Interests: Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Empire State Building, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Ellis Island, American Museum of Immigration, Cathedral of St. John Divine, Battery Park, Chrysler Building, St.Patrick Cathedral, Bronx Zoo, New York City Hall, Federal Hall, Coney Island, Brooklyn Bridge, 42nd Street, Belvedere Castle, Washington Square Park, Museum of Jewish Heritage, Little Italy, Queens Museum etc.

My Rating: 9.7 out of 10

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New York City Review


Olivia Isenhart     Rating5Stars1

By: Olivia Isenhart  New York City, USA | July 30, 2014

femaleI should preface this review of New York City by saying that I really cannot write a review of New York City. To me it’s so much more than a city, or a travel destination, or even the place I call home now. I grew up with thrift store maps of Manhattan plastered all over my bedroom. I carried around tattered works of J.D. Salinger and F. Scott Fitzgerald like they were Bibles. I soaked up Woody Allen films until I had every shimmering skyscraper and burst of fireworks memorized. For so many people, this city is everything, and ending up here one day is an almost unfathomable dream. Living here now, I am still overcome with the feeling that everything begins here, and it never ends. Sure, you can complain about dirt, traffic, noise, chaos. But isn’t it so much more fun to just let it all swallow you up? So go ahead. Gaze at the sparkling skyline, find beauty in dusty bookshops, dirty trains, and dripping graffiti, let the sun hit your shoulders in Central Park, let the silence soothe your soul in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, fall madly in love, eat the best food of your life, walk until you’re breathless, and let it sweep you off your feet. I dare you.



Hanae     Rating5Stars1

By: Hanae  Los Angeles, California, USA | Aug 06, 2014

femaleNew York is such an amazing AMAZING place to be!!! If I had the balls to move out of LA then I would def be in NY.

I was visiting my friend in Boston and we made a semi-spontaneous trip on a Chinese bus to NY for the night.

Here is a list of things I’ve done, hope this will be helpful for people who are looking into things to do:

1. walked around chinatown all the way to time square: wear comfy shoes and sunscreen!!!!
2. Artichoke Pizza: a lot of my friends loves this place, it was ok for me… It was really good but my expectations were super high.
3. Amorino Gelato: they sculpt some pretty badass flower ice cream
4. Toys R Us: was huge and I felt super touristy
5. EAST VILLAGE: hands down the best bar hope I’ve ever had
6. Please Don’t TEll Bar: read my gogobot review…it’s amazing. Hidden bar inside Crif Dogs in East village.
7. Cienfuegos: east village bar, very cuban and their fruit punch looks yummy
8. Rockefeller Park: top of the rock :: pretty damn pricey but I had a great view of everything.
9. St Patrick’s Cathedral: gorgeous church, reminded me of the ones I’ve seen in Europe
10. Apple store: stuffy downstairs on a sunny day, the stairs are designed/pattoned by Steve Jobs.
11. FAO Schwarz toy shop: the famous piano is in there from that one Tom Hanks movie
12. Central Park: SO BIG!! Didn’t have time to go everywhere 🙁

Overall I loved the city so much, it’s one of the few I want to visit more than once. The people are super social and they have stories to tell.

My friend brought back Chicken Halal for me and that was SO GOOD. Please try it. There’s the original cart with a long line but the cart across from it (short line) is the same exact thing.



Caterina     Rating5Stars1

By: Caterina  Dubai, UAE | July 22, 2014

femaleI love Soho to shop! it’s really nice and you can find really expensive but also medium prices clothing. You should also check out Century 21 in the financial district the address is 22 Cortlandt Street New York, NY 10007, it’s right outside the R train subway stop.




Harold Smith-Franzen     Rating5Stars1

By: Harold Smith-Franzen  New York States, USA | July 26, 2014

maleI can’t believe anyone would rate New York less than a 5. This is certainly one of the greatest cities on planet Earth. Not everyone can handle it but everyone should be able to find something here that they really like!

Don’t stay in Times Square. Get out and explore. The people are much friendlier than their reputation. The city is very easy to navigate. With some of the lowest crime rates in the city’s history, there is very little to fear other than falling in love.



Felicio Monteiro Neto     Rating5Stars1

By: Felicio Monteiro Neto  Sao Paulo, Brazil | Aug 06, 2014

maleAll the people should to go to NEW YORK CITY . A wonderful cosmopolitan place for people that like music, culture, architecture and off course shopping!
I really love NY and when I saw the city for the first time I dreamed wanted to live there!
People must go to NY for all the seasons and always through the years!



Yogic Traveler     Rating5Stars1

By: Yogic Traveler Hilo, Hawaii, USA | July 23, 2014

femaleComing for the New York area when I am traveling I meet people all over the world who long for visit the Big Apple. I always tell them the best time of year to visit the city is in the Christmas season! I know it is one of the most popular times for tourists but it really is the best time to see the city (from Thanksgiving through New Years)!


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