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The United States has varied weather conditions, and the best time to visit depends both upon the location and the season. Spring (March, April, May) and autumn (September and October) are generally cooler, more comfortable times to visit. Summer months – June, July, and August – are generally hot regardless of the region, but winter temperatures (November-February) can vary substantially depending upon the part of the US you are visiting. The southern part of the country tends to be warmer in the winter than the north. The general climate of the continental US is temperate, but keep in mind that Hawaii is tropical and Alaska is arctic. Many of the country’s dependent territories, such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands, are also tropical.

North America, extending to within 10° of latitude of both the equator and the North Pole, embraces every climatic zone, from tropical rain forest and savanna on the lowlands of Central America to areas of permanent ice cap in central Greenland. Subarctic and tundra climates prevail in N Canada and N Alaska, and desert and semiarid conditions are found in interior regions cut off by high mountains from rain-bearing westerly winds.

Central America has a tropical humid climate. It has no real winter; even the coldest month averages above 18 °C, with summers of 27 to 28

South America Climate is predominantly wet and hot. However the large size of the continent makes the climate of South America varied with each region having its own characteristic weather conditions.


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Place: Hawaii – USAHawaii

Capital: Central heart of USA – New York City

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Places of Interests: Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Pearl Harbour, Lolani Palace, Hanauma Bay, Waimea Canyon State Park, Waipio Valley, Rainbow Falls, Bishop Museum, Polunesian Cultural Center, Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Honolulu Zoo, Na Pali Coast State Park, Moku Manu, Nu’uanu Pali, Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, Molokini, Poipu Beach Park, Wailea Hawaii, Turtle Bay Resort, Liliuokalani Park & Gardens etc.

My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park1


Turtle Bay Resort1


Moku Manu1


Na Pali Coast State Park1


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Rainbow Falls1


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Hawaii Review



Josh Lynch     Rating5Stars1

By: Josh Lynch  Hilton Head Island | Nov 26, 2013

maleAmazing amazing amazing, we surfed and body boarded the entire time . So rad! We went snorkeling and saw a huge see turtle .. Very cool… I would rent a jeep and cruze the island for sure .. north shore is very cool , and BYU cultural center was soooooo cool 🙂



Lane Rettig     Rating5Stars1

By: Lane Rettig Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | Nov 08, 2012

femalebeautiful. unique. expensive. exotic. great food, one-of-a-kind culture. kinda a pain to get to, but go at least once. make sure you find time to really explore local culture and get away from the tourist traps.



Artem Doronin     Rating5Stars1

By: Artem Doronin Moscow, Russia | Oct 25, 2012

maleHawaii Vacation Rentals
When you think of a Hawaii vacation, you probably think of sandy beaches, great surfing and tropical fun—not necessarily great value. But with our deals on Hawaii vacation rentals, you can get the most for your money. Whether you’re looking for a Hawaii beach house close to surfing, a secluded island vacation hideaway, or a vacation rental condo in Honolulu, we can help you. We’ll also give you unbiased user reviews of vacation rentals in Hawaii, so you get the inside scoop and can rent in Hawaii with confidence.

Hawaii Family Vacation Rentals
It’s a long trip to Hawaii—after sitting still (or, well, as close to still as possible) on your flight, your kids will definitely want to run around once you arrive. In a hotel, your downstairs neighbors might not take kindly to this—nor would the honeymooners sunbathing by the silent hotel pool—but in a vacation rental home in Hawaii, you can let your kids be kids. They can run in your private yard—and if you’ve rented a vacation home in Hawaii with a pool, they can do all the cannonballs they want. And where else can you see active volcanoes? Visit Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park—the kids will love it.

Beachfront Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

Beach vacation = good. Beachfront vacation rental = better. Beachfront vacation rental in Hawaii = it doesn’t get much better. Imagine having your own private stretch of sand along one of the most gorgeous coastlines in the world. In Hawaii, beachfront vacation homes are plentiful and affordable… we’ll help you find one that’s right for you.

Honeymoon Vacation Rentals in Hawaii
Hawaii is perfect for romance—it’s no wonder so many couples choose to honeymoon in Hawaii! A vacation rental in Hawaii is a great option for honeymooners—or, really, any couple seeking romance, privacy and great beaches! Try a private helicopter tour… during the day, you’ll see romantic waterfalls and lush landscapes, or go after dark and watch volcanoes at night! And of course, Hawaiian sunsets are incredible—try a cruise off Oahu for great views.



Sara Benson     Rating5Stars1

By: Sara Benson San Luis Obispo | Oct 20, 2012

femaleI’ve been to 30 countries and all 50 US states, but Hawaii is a place that keeps calling me back and that I never get bored with. True, it has its well-trammeled, over-touristed places and if you spend all of your time inside a luxury resort, you may as well be in Mexico or the Caribbean. But if you take time to travel island style, slow and local, you’re going to uncover more adventures here than in any other state this small. Zip-lining, surfing, hiking through an active volcanic zone, trekking to hidden beaches with waterfalls, kayaking, snorkeling in an underwater volcano, scuba diving with manta rays…the list just goes on and on. Although Hawaii isn’t cheap to visit, it doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive if you camp or score a vacation rental, eat from farmers markets and use public transportation wherever possible (though renting a car does help on the Neighbor Islands).



Shaina Herman     Rating5Stars1

By: Shaina Herman Cape Town, South Africa | July 04, 2014

femaleThe moment your foot steps into Hawaii you can understand how a person would refuse to leave. Hawaii is full of adventure, romance, luxury, and exploration, there’s no tourist stone left unturned.

Spend at least 2 weeks here hopping from island to island. The flight is really out of the way from just about everywhere and you’ll be very disappointed if you have to leave and haven’t devoted enough time to bask in paradise.


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