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Asia as the largest and populous continent in the world, it is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, and historical ties. The climate of Asia ranging vastly depending on their geographical locations, some of the largest daily temperatures ranges occur in the western sections of Asia.

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Place: South Korea Seoul

Capital: Central heart of South Korea – Seoul

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Places of Interests: N Seoul Tower, Myeong-Dong, Everland, Busan Aquarium, Lotte World, Gwangalli Beach, Seokguram, Changgyeonggung, Seoojikoji – Jeju Island, Chunwang Peak – Jiri Mountain, Samkwang Temple, Inje Smelts Festival etc.

My Rating: 8.7 out of 10

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South Korea Review

Only visit in Korea had so much!     Rating5Stars1

By: EvelynK  East Troy, WI | Aug 1, 2013 

femaleStarted with delicious lunch & a children’s program that was delighhtful.
The walk to the Temple I thought was a gradual incline; but there were steps to climb. Worth every step up; this is active temple with “services” going on while we were there. A monk came out to speak with us & pose for photos with people. Our guide was great; never left us.
The fish market was cleanest we’d seen entire trip. The shopping streets were fantastic & really fun to walk through. Could have stayed all day & not seen it all. A thoroughly interesting tour. We did a lot of walking; but if fit, no problem…& we’re in our 70s.



Matthew Crompton     Rating5Stars1

By: Matthew Crompton  Sydney, Australia | July 26, 2014

maleThough this tiny peninsular nation (effectively an island cut off from the mainland by a hostile N. Korea) constitutes the 11th-largest economy in the world, and produces more electronic high technology than countries a hundred times its size, South Korea is a place largely off the tourist map, and shockingly little-known.

It might be that Korea is a classic “insider’s” country, a place where the rituals, customs, and pleasures of the culture are largely hidden from those who do not know its ways by heart. Still, with a little local help, Korea can be one of the most fascinating places in East Asia, with gorgeous mountains (and a crazy hiking culture), lovely temples, teeming megacities filled with neon pleasure zones, and some of the tastiest (and occasionally weirdest) cuisine around.

A visit to the jjimjilbang — a Korean public bath — is a must do, as is a trip to one of the country’s countless traditional markets. Go to Seoul and party with the kids in glittering pleasure zones like Gangnam and Hongdae, then head into the mountains at Seoraksan for a look at South Korean nature at its finest.

Few people make it beyond the concrete jungle of central Seoul, but with a local guide and some good advice, you’ll find there’s plenty to discover. Korea’s greatest treasure is its people — warm, forthright, and quick to show a visitor the best of their country. Make a friend or two here and you’ll be glad you did.



Chris Backe     Rating5Stars1

By: Chris Backe  – – | July 03, 2012

maleAhh, South Korea. Y’know, it’s hard to say anything superbad about a country with more per-capita ambition than anywhere else in the world. With that said, the country as a whole has done a lot of growing up – yet has plenty more to do.

Let’s start with the good – generally friendly people, GREAT public transportation throughout 95% of the country, and native food worth making a special trip to the country. Cheap traveling is great, although backpackers will find themselves spending a bit more than elsewhere in Asia. There will always be that one outlier in each group – after 2 1/2 years living in Korea, I’ve seen them all.

The bad? A number of ‘official’ tourist organizations which don’t communicate with each other or even bother to ensure their publications are in good English. What you can get / find is hit-or-miss, and they all seem to promote the same places. Having to specifically ask for an English language pamphlet should not be a requirement, yet many places seem to have them behind the counter instead of available for anyone to grab.

The verdict: read up, then go. There’s no big thing that everyone HAS to see, but there’s still plenty going on. My blog – – covers a new place / event / festival every single week, along with tips for people living in Korea. Check it out if you’re thinking of visiting Dae Han Min Guk.


Juno Kim     Rating5Stars1

By: Juno Kim  Seoul, South Korea | June 03, 2014

femaleMy home country, South Korea has a lot of potential. From the 5,000 year old history, to the variety of the cuisine, Korea is interesting in every bit. The nation’s capital, Seoul, has its historical background and is becoming one of world’s busiest metropolitan areas. Korea is small, but each region has very different character. Language (accents), cuisine, climate, people are quite diverse. The islands in the south (Dadohae) are wonderful – one of the best area I’ve ever traveled in Korea.


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