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Asia as the largest and populous continent in the world, it is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, and historical ties. The climate of Asia ranging vastly depending on their geographical locations, some of the largest daily temperatures ranges occur in the western sections of Asia.

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Place: Shanghai – China Shanghai

Capital: Central heart of China – Beijing

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Places of Interests: Oriental Pearl Tower, Shanghai Museum, XinTianDi, Jade Buddha Temple, Jin Mao Tower, Longhua Temple, People Square, WaiBaiDu Bridge, St. Ignatius Cathedral, Oriental Art Center, Shanghai Disney Resort, Shanghai Zoo, Happy Valley Shanghai, TianZiFang Street, ZhuJiaJiao Water Town, Cruising on HuangPu River etc.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Oriental Pearl Tower




Waibaidu Bridge


Jade Buddha Temple


Nanpu Bridge


Shanghai Disney Resort


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Shanghai Review

Monica Suma     Rating5Stars1

By: Monica Suma  New York City, USA | May 17, 2014

femaleSpending a few weeks in Shanghai was the most transformative travel experience I have ever experienced. This Paris of the East has changed dramatically in the past ten years, so much so that some may deem it unrecognizable. It’s China’s most populous city, boasting an impressive 23 million people, in a dynamic blend of an older architecture with a modern skyline. To clearly appreciate Shanghai’s unbelievable boom, start no further than The Bund. Considered to be the face of Shanghai, it’s where the city gets divided by the Huangpu River in two districts: Puxi (West of the Huangpu, the older side) and Pudong (East of the Huangpu, the modern side). Must-see attractions are the French Concession, Tian Zi Fang and Yuyuan Gardens. To get around the city, call The Magic Number to either speak to a representative in English or have someone speak Mandarin to the locals.



Jenn B     Rating5Stars1

By: Jenn B  Oakalnd, Clifornia, USA | Aug 01, 2014

femaleShanghai has a lot to offer as a vacation destination! History, modernism, great food at all price points, amazing shopping, and a pretty good public transit system. As visitors, we were afraid of the language barrier, but never had a problem. In fact, the taxi drivers all have cell phones to call a translator who helped us understand one another. We had an amazing time!



Geng Weng     Rating5Stars1

By: Geng Weng  Los Angeles, Clifornia, USA | Jun 03, 2014

maleI studied abroad in Shanghai at Fudan University for about 5 months. Simply put, it was the best 5 months ever. I loved it!

Some general tips:

1) Keep your wallet secure and your purse at your side, preferably in front of your body. There will be pick-pocketers in crowded areas.

2) When negotiating to buy things try to bring a Chinese speaking friend. Go 30% of what their asking price. They always try to get as much money as they can from you.

3) Bring immodium. They are anti-diarrhea pills. I never had them, but my friend who had never been to China before took them and never had a problem the entire time.

4) I would recommend against taking the main subway lines at peak hours to and from work. It gets way too packed during rush hour, which is like 7-9 and 4-6. Just take a cab, it’ll be a little more expensive but I think it’s worth it.

5) Street food is cheap and delicious but not the cleanest. It’s ok to eat sometimes but not all the time

6) I was always told that crossing the street when you have the green is the most dangerous time to cross. Always look both ways!

7) Keep an open mind and be adventurous. I guarantee you will have a most excellent experience!



Leonor Costa     Rating5Stars1

By: Leonor Costa  Chaves, Vila Real, Portugal | July 05, 2012

femaleGostei imenso de ter tido a oportunidade de conhecer Shanghai. Apesar de gostar mais de Pequim, penso que Shanghai é a Nova Iorque da Ásia.




Daniel     Rating4Stars

By: Daniel  Montreal, Canada | July 03, 2012

maleThis place has the hustle of Hong Kong, the night life of new york, and europeans everywhere.

Some tips: If you fly in from Hong Qiao airport, you can just take a cab towards downtown. However, if you are flying from Pudong Airport, i would suggest you take the maglev towards something closer to town before taking a cab. (This is if you are alone or with 1 other person. Cab from pudong to downtown would be around 200-250rmb taxi ride)

If you need to book a hotel locally, i suggest elong (owned by expedia) or ctrip. Both have an english hotline that will facilitate your transaction + you get the rates cheaper than foreign booking services.

One last tip: watch your wallet. This is a safe city but pick pocketers have been known to be at the touristy spots.


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