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Asia as the largest and populous continent in the world, it is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, and historical ties. The climate of Asia ranging vastly depending on their geographical locations, some of the largest daily temperatures ranges occur in the western sections of Asia.

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Place: Hong Kong Hong Kong

Capital: Central heart of Hong Kong

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Places of Interests: Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Ocean Park, Lamma Island, Ngong Ping 360, Cheung Chau, Ten Thousand Buddha’s Monastery, Kowloon Park, Wetland Park, Lan Kwai Fong, Victoria Harbour etc

My Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Victoria Peak


Ocean Park Hong Kong


Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre


Ngong Ping 360


Cheung Chau


Lamma Island


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Hong Kong Review


Shane aka kau kau Hotel     Rating5Stars1

By: Shane  Sydney, Australia | July 21, 2014

maleHong Kong is the NYC meets London of Asia. The buzz in the streets is palpable, the shopping is unlimited but the food and the neon lights are what get me every time. Some of the best Char Sui Bao on earth is here in Hong Kong. Wan Chai is the expat district but all areas have their own feel and fun. Make sure you get to Lan Kwai Fung in the evening for a robust view of HKs eclectic nightlife.



Troy     Rating5Stars1

By: Troy  London, UK | July 07, 2014

__Troy-20000000002093972-75x75Quite simply the most exciting city in the world. You could spend years living in Hong Kong and still only experience a fraction of its marvels. True, the Hong Kong which most visitors experience are the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Kowloon islands but venture further and you’ll find serene temples, sandy beaches, country clubs and outstanding natural beauty. I’ve been returning here year after year – and even now a trip across the bay on a Star Ferry feels like I’m experiencing it again for the very first time. The city boasts a fantastic number of places to eat – from street food to gourmet – and is also something of a shopper’s paradise.



Mary Q     Rating5Stars1

By: Mary Q  Chantilli, Vierginia, USA | Mar 06, 2013

femaleThis city is awesome. Great food, tons of shopping, and plenty of things to see and do! I love that you can get everything from super cheap street food & clothes/accessories from markets to more classy food at nice restaurants and fancy clothes in stores. There are also a ton of attractions, whether you want to go to a theme park or climb a mountain, or whatever. Awesome!!



Christine Tan     Rating4Stars

By: Christine Tan  Tampines, Singapore | Jan 04, 2013

femaleExcellent food, great shopping, affordable taxis, efficient subway, what’s not to like? For kids, there are Ocean Park and Disneyland. For more educational exhibits, I suggest Ocean Park. Compared to Disneyland in the States, the one in HK is really small.



MeiLing N Kwok     Rating5Stars1

By: MeiLing N Kwok  Vancouver, British Columbia | Nov 22, 2012

femaleI was born here. I love Hong Kong because I lived there since I was born for 2 years and then I moved to Canada. But when I compare the 2 countries, Canada was definitely more peaceful. But the thing I like the most about Hong Kong is that it is so convenient! 😉 Rock on HONG KONG! ~~


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