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Asia as the largest and populous continent in the world, it is composed of a wide variety of ethnic groups, cultures, and historical ties. The climate of Asia ranging vastly depending on their geographical locations, some of the largest daily temperatures ranges occur in the western sections of Asia.

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Place: Japan Tokyo

Capital: Central heart of Japan – Tokyo

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Places of Interests: Mount Fuji, Tokyo Tower, Arashiyama, Nijo Castle, Tokyo Disneyland, Skiing in Hokkaido, Yuki Matsuri, Onsen Resort Town, Kabukicho, Kyoto Geisha, Kanagawa Hakone, Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Nikko Tosho-gu, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Harajuku, Tokyo Skytree, Sakura, etc

My Rating: 9 out of 10

Mount Fuji


Tokyo Skytreee




Nikko Tosho-gu


Arima Onsen


Asahiyama Zoo


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Japan Review


Tokyo travel review & recommendations by nickandkim     Rating5Stars1

By: nickandkim  Australia | Feb 26, 2007

maletokyo disneland (it is not just for kids!!!) akihabara (electric city) asukasa ginza roppongi tokyo tower we stayed at the roppongi b… such good value and so close to everything. dont worry if you cant speak english, everything is in english, including the train system! make sure you go to harajyuku… if you can, go on the weekend, as you will be able to see all the ‘freaks coming out of the woodwork’… all the rockabilly bands will be playing and all the ‘dressed up’ japanese will also see you taking a few amusing photos! (make sure you have a crepe there too.. SOOO GOOD!) dont be afraid of the small street cafes/restaurants in japan, they are all very clean and you will find that they serve the best food here, as opposed to the chain restaurants… your only hurdle may be that you cant read the menu.. but not to worry, often you will find that all the food on the menu is on display as a plasic model in a windo, so you can just point at what you want!


Tokyo travel review & recommendations by pearson_lindy     Rating5Stars1

By: pearson lindy  Adelaide, Australia | Jan 20, 2012

femaleTokyo really is as special as you think it will be! Here’s a tip on how to get the best out of a experience to the Sumo Wrestling. Check out one of the local internet web guides such as” time out” to see if there is a sumo tournament on during your stay. They generally run for 15 days so you should be lucky. Where: tokyo sumo stadium. Access is easy via Ryogoku Station on either the JR Sobu Line (1 min walk) or on the Toei Oedo Line (5 min walk). When: any day, by around 1:30pm The bouts starts around 2:30 and continues to around 6pm. Cost: people line up from 8 am for premium seats but there are 2,100 yen tickets for the top row of the stadium which are just perfect. Enter 2pm and pick a seat that faces the ring, that way you can see the wrestlers face off and the referee face on. Sitting at the top provides a great view and is a great deal. Fact finding: As you enter you have a chance to loan a fm radio for 1000 yen which will allow you to listen to the english broadcast during the competition. It’s worth it but if you fm radio goes to band 785 then you can tune in yourself. Also grab a copy of the english sump guides on the entrance level as they provide an excellent background to sumo history, ceremony and rules. Grab the competition sheet so you can chart the stats as the day rolls on. Food: reserve your seat by putting a bag or hat down and then head down to the basement for a pre race feed of sumo food. Here they sell bowls of the hearty sumo stew for only 250 Yen and its delicious. You can also buy snacks and beer from one of the stalls on each floor. The show; sit back, and enjoy the spectacle that is sumo. The crowd get’s quite excited towards the final rounds as the big guys come out to play.


Kyoto travel review & recommendations by Flinxpip     Rating5Stars1

By: Flinxpip  Canada | May 27, 2008

maleKyoto is the heart of old Japan and if you want to see the more histrical and tradional side of the country then this is the place to do it. Restaurants are easy to come by and you can find lots of excellent high end Japanese food. As we are poor backpackers, I won’t go into those… …especially since I have never been to any of them! hahaha Try Katsura, this is a chain of Katsudon places(breaded and fried pork cutlets), they have branches on sanjo and one on teramachi near the start of the shopping arcade(shijo-teramachi) and one at shijo-kiyamachi). For about ten bucks(1000 yen) you get a nice cutlet, tea, and, all-you-can eat rice, cabbage and miso soup. Drinking? Hmmm, the HUB is good all over Japan for a quick beer without a table charge. 520 yen for a 3/4 pint of Kirin beer, Kyoto’s branches are Shijo-Karasuma in the basement of the Cocoon building(a really swanky looking place) and near Sanjo-Kawaramachi. Party??? Well you are better off heading to Osaka for clubbing but if you feel the need to grove go to Metro a small club near Marutamchi keihan station… The best thing to do is to just walk around town visiting temples and interesting shops. So, I recommend going through the backstreets where you are more likely to encounter cool untouristy places. Getting around: Kyoto has two subway lines(minimum fare 210 yen), the Karasuma line running north to south and the Tozai line running east to west. There’s also the Keihan line running along the Kamogawa from Demachiyanagi south. Demachiyanagi is also the start of the Eizan line which leads north to Kurama(home of Kurama onsen). Hankyu also has a line running from Kawaramachi all the way to Osaka. JR is in the south with their mammoth JR Kyoto station, but JR is not really useful for getting around Kyoto, it’s more for getting TO Kyoto.


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