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The climate of Europe is of a temperate, continental nature, with a maritime climate prevailing on the western coasts and a Mediterranean climate. In terms of shape, Europe is a collection of connected peninsulas and nearby islands. The two largest peninsulas are “mainland” Europe and Scandinavia to the north, divided from each other by the Baltic Sea. Three smaller peninsulas—Iberia, Italy and the Balkans—emerge from the southern margin of the mainland in the south.

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Place: Prague – Czech Republic Prague

Capital: Central heart of Czech Republic – Prague

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Places of Interests: Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Astronomical Clock, Church of Lady before Tyn, Prague Zoo, Petrin, Old Town Square, Vysehrad, Petrin Lookout Tower, New Town Hall, Cesky Krumlov, Vlata River Cruise, etc.

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10

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Prague Review



Laurel W     Rating5Stars1

By: Laurel W  Calgary, Canada | Aug 03, 2014

malePrague was not too badly damaged during World War II so the much of the city retains it’s historic character. A sprawling city with many hills makes for lots to see in Prague. The reasonable prices makes it an economic visit as well.



Julia     Rating5Stars1

By: Julia  Stuttgart, Germany | July 01, 2014

femalePrague is a beautiful city. The Czech capital has a lot to offer. You can visit the worlds largest castle complex and a beautiful city center! 🙂 there’s also a lot going on at night which makes it attractive to everyone who wants to go out and have fun.



Emily Thomas     Rating5Stars1

By: Emily Thomas  Busan, South Korea | Feb 15, 2014

femalePrague is everything you would expect from a classic European city, without the inflation! The entire central city also feels as though it is locked in a time capsule. As you get further and further out, I grant that there are chunks of undesirable communist blocks, but these needn’t be acknowledged if you are a tourist (when I was there I was a student).

The Jewish quarters are well worth exploring, particularly for history buffs. If you have an interest in architecture, Prague virtually has a visual timeline of every notable style passed.

However, if you are a party animal this city will certainly not disappoint. Prague is home to an incredibly wide array of bars and raging night clubs. They also have the cheapest and the best beer in the entire world. I wasn’t a beer drinker before I want and I am not a beer drinker since I left, but I most certainly became enthusiastic whilst there.

One of my favorite memories is taking a picnic up to a park on a hill overlooking the city, that is right by the tram stop “Ujezed” accessible on the 22 tram (aka the tourist tram.) This tram goes around almost all the important tourist stops the city has to offer.



Monica Suma     Rating5Stars1

By: Monica Suma New York City, USA | Sep 16, 2013

female“Prague never lets you go… this dear little mother has sharp claws,” one of Prague greatest literary figures, Franz Kafka, once said of his hometown. I agree! Prague is an enrapturing city, one of my favorite in Europe!

Not only is Prague the beer capital of the world, and Czech Republic’s capital, but also one of Europe’s most popular tourist attractions, since the fall of Communism in the 1990s. Nicknamed the city of 100 spires, its medieval architecture, stunning setting and extremely vibrant city life, attracts influxes of people from all around the world. Men come for the beer; women come for the Bohemia crystals, or Svarowski, if you may; both of them, however, come for its beautiful bridges, romantic side alleys, broad impressive squares and Baroque palaces. Much cheaper European city when compared to London, Paris, Rome etc!



Becky Mahan     Rating5Stars1

By: Becky Mahan San Diego, California | Aug 07, 2013

femaleAn absolutely beautiful, bustling city – full of history, political undertones, and a jubilant expression of freedom (still). I thoroughly enjoyed my time here – and Prague met almost every one of my expectations. The only disappointment/surprise is that it’s really not as cheap as everyone makes it out to seem. It is extremely commercialized and there is a booming tourism industry thriving within the city borders, but if you know where to go off the main drags, you’ll find Prague – and Czech culture – in the raw. And beer everywhere is still cheap and delicious – make it your trip’s mission to find the cheapest one you can. My hostel roommates and I bar-hopped a few times and the record currently stands at 24 kc for a liter (about $1.50!)

There’s a great nightlife scene, no shortage of Western shopping, then sobering Jewish sights, art, culture, and history packed everywhere – meaning something for everyone.

The pickpocketing and money exchange scams are definitely not rumor, but don’t be scared. Just don’t be stupid. Wear a moneybelt or neckpouch, don’t get drunk alone (especially at night), don’t gamble frivolously, and in subways, if a ticket inspector asks to see your ticket, don’t hand it over before you see their badge and ID. But I never had a single problem with any of these things in the week I spent in the city.
Still, Prague is not to be missed. Absolutely, definitely, undoubtedly worth a stop in your European trip.


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