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The climate of Europe is of a temperate, continental nature, with a maritime climate prevailing on the western coasts and a Mediterranean climate. In terms of shape, Europe is a collection of connected peninsulas and nearby islands. The two largest peninsulas are “mainland” Europe and Scandinavia to the north, divided from each other by the Baltic Sea. Three smaller peninsulas—Iberia, Italy and the Balkans—emerge from the southern margin of the mainland in the south.

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Place: Paris – France Paris

Capital: Central heart of France – Paris

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Places of Interests: Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame De Paris, The Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, Jardin Du Luxembourg, Sainte-Chapelle, Pont Neuf, Disneyland Paris, Louvre Palace, lle Saint-Louis, Palaris-Royal, Saint-Etienne-du-mount etc.

My Rating: 9.6 out of 10


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Paris Review


Hanae     Rating5Stars1

By: Hanae  Los Angeles, California, USA | Aug 08, 2014

femaleWhen I think of Paris, this song pops into my head partially because this was one of the song the tour bus played over and Over and OVER.

Paris is one of the few city I want to go back to. So much history, art, architecture everywhere I go. I am in awe with all the buildings I walked past, especially because they have been around for more than a century.

Unfortunately I was only here for less than 24hours, but here are few things I have done, hopefully it will be helpful for anyone who’s planning a trip to Paris.

– Eiffel tower: Because my time was limited, we decided to not wait in the long line to get on the elevator and CLIMBED UPSTAIRS. It was a great workout, especially after all the food I ate during my trip. It was tough but rewarding, plus how often do you hear someone say they climbed up the eiffel tower?

– Notre Dam: Not sure why but I fell MADLY in love with this cathedral. Maybe because everything was detailed? I am not sure but all I can say is it’s my favorite cathedral. Wish I had time to go upstairs to check out the gargoyles and the view…

-Nouvelle Eve burlesque show: my tour guide says it’s better than the famous Moulin Rouge.. it was nice and cool… I wasn’t fond of them singing the last few songs in English though.

– Montmartre: a hill in the north of Paris: GOREGOUS place to enjoy the view, relax on the stairs and if you’re lucky you’ll see street performers. Best to go a little before sun sets. The city there are full of charming restaurants and cafes. Love the cobbled floors, I heard Van Gogh did some painting of Montmartre.

– Louve: overwhelming but it’s nice to cross it off my list. The entrance is faster from the side. You could go backwards and exit through the famous glass pyramid. The line to get in from there is long. Mona Lisa is small. I don’t recommending spending the entire day in there…it gets exhausting.

random facts:
– Champs-Elysees has the only McDonald with a white logo so it looks sophisticated next to all the well known stores. Heard they refuse to include H&M on that street.
– The drivers don’t care to “move” the cars with theirs to fit when they parallel park. It sounds aggressive but it wasn’t that bad when we watched a car do it…or maybe they were being gentle knowing we were staring at them.

– you pay extra to be seated outside of the cafe to people watch
– some of those pigeons are gorgeous compared to LA
– their food portion is friggin tiny (LA is spoiled)

One place I wish I had time for was:
– the Catacomb where the gorgeous cathedral is covered in human skeletons.
– the eiffel tower at night lights up…sad I couldn’t see it


Thais Guimaraes     Rating5Stars1

By: Thais Guimaraes Sao Paulo, Brazil | Jun 19, 2014

maleOh Paris! My most favorite city in the world. The city of light, the city of romance. There is nothing like the mix of modern and ancient, history coming alive on the streets and lifestyle of Paris.




Dave Schacth     Rating5Stars1

By: Dave Schacth  Chicogo, Illinois | May 27, 2014

maleUnquestionably one of the world’s great capitals. Foodies, art & history buffs, luxury travelers – many consider Paris to be without peer for both the breadth and depth of places to discover. When in Paris, try to find a balance between the big museums vs. smaller boutique galleries, upscale restaurants vs. neighborhood bistrots, and be intentional about both wandering side streets and people-watching while absorbing in the café culture.



Tess Murphy     Rating5Stars1

By: Tess Murphy San Francisco | Aug 06, 2014

maleThis is a dedication to Le Comptoir Generale. A bar, a cafe, a ghetto museum, a salon of rebellion, a walk through history, an inspiration. This place is many things. I used to live in Paris, so upon returning, I wasn’t looking to do any of the “tourist” sites. I wanted to see the mysteries that hide themselves down back alleys and speakeasy cafes. I wanted to see the good, the bad, the ugly sides of Paris. Most of all, I wanted to see Paris through the eyes of the artists. Paris used to be a cultural center of artistic rebellion. The likes of Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Stein would socialize in the brassieres after a long day of writing. What happened to this Paris of the past? I was determined to find it. Walking along the hills of Montmartre, ghosts of that time lingered through the Dali museum and L’agile Lapin, the old burlesque haunt. But Montmartre was taken over by tacky tourists shops, manufactured paintings, and oh god, a Starbucks. So I returned back to my apartment and Googled first in English, then in broken French, “unique places in Paris” and “most hidden things in Paris”. After a long night of researching, I found Le Comptoir Generale and the next day, a friend and I went. The first remarkable about Le Comptoir is if you didn’t know it existed, you’d never find it. Its an old mansion next to the Canal de St. Martin, with the entrance set back in a garden. It’s first and foremost a dedication to the ghetto culture and “the result of creativity that springs up in poor or marginalised places all over the world.” It feels a bit rebellious too. The entrance hall is lined with photos of scenes from past French wars. It highlights French colonization and imperialism in Africa, with descriptions in French and English, focusing on the planned assassinations and overall corruptness of French leaders. The ground floor has two large rooms. The first room to the left looks like an antique museum, with the strangest assortment of objects. This is “the viewing room” where they show films every week. Off of this room a large jungle garden. The next room is a cafe/lounge/bar/library. It is filled with vintage couches with a bar in the back that serves alcohol and coffee. With a relaxing setting and free wifi, its not hard to spend an entire day here. I heard to avoid it on weekend nights as it can become packed. “Its mission is to protect, produce and broadcast them [the marginalized], through movie production and screening, exhibitions, conferences, themed attractions, a record label and a radio, shops (record shop, second hand store, library, toy shop), events, workshops, shootings… All the benefits are reinvested into financing more artistic sustainable projects.” With an admirable goal and a rebellious feel, Le Comptoir Generale is a highly recommended escape from the usual highlights of Paris.



Thomas Beard     Rating5Stars1

By: Thomas Beard Abergavenny, UK | May 17, 2014

maleParis is such a lovely city, with a vast array of things to do for all sort of people. Even just walking about and site-seeing can fill your day and that’s really fun in its own right!



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