Santorini Greece

For an an ultimate haven of tranquility and the best hotel experience imaginable, look no further than Iconic Santorini, one of the finest boutique hotels in Santorini Greece. Those luxury suites for couples in Santorini, Greece, offer an enchanting sea view best suited for Honeymoon   » Read more

Winter in Hokkaido
Hokkaido – Japan

A lot of Japanese are heading to Hokkaido every year and visit there many times. Visit Asahiyama Zoo, the most well-liked zoo in Japan. Niseko is among the most popular journey destinations on Hokkaido. There is no doubt that the Hokkaido is one of the finest destination in Japan   » Read more

Monte Carlo – Monaco

Live out your James Bond fantasies at the Casino de Monte Carlo, a glitzy 1910-built complex that features slot machines, French roulette and private rooms for craps, blackjack and more. Visitors can glimpse the principality’s medieval history with a tour of Le Rocher (“The Rock”), the old town   » Read more

Cinque Terre – Italy

The Cinque Terre — as this stretch of five towns along the Italian Riviera is called — is located in northern Italy between Pisa and Genoa. There’s not a museum in sight, just sun, sea, sand (well, pebbles), wine, swimming, hiking, and pure, unadulterated Italy. Each town fills   » Read more

Cancun Mexico
Cancun – Mexico

Cancun has the distinction of being the one Caribbean destination with the infrastructure, modern amenities (spruced up in 2006) and service philosophy to rival leisure destinations worldwide. Unlike many other parts of the Caribbean and Mexico, Cancun was built for tourism, and continues   » Read more

Paris Eiffel Tower
Paris – France

The Basilica of Sacre Coeur is the best level in Paris. Sacré Coeur de Montmartre .. Sacré Coeur contains what many imagine to be the sacred heart of Christ. It’s also possible to wind your means up the streets to .. Sacré Coeur is among the high precedence sights while you visit Paris   » Read more

SagradaFamilia by night
Barcelona – Spain

Barcelona is one of the most beautiful and exciting cities in the world, it lies on Spain’s northern Mediterranean coast and is the cosmopolitan capital of Catalonia. The city has become one of Europe’s most popular short break destinations thanks to its privileged location, its vibrant street life, its   » Read more

Venice – Italy

Venice Italy is an incredible place and so is the region of Veneto. No trip to Venice would be complete without a punt down one of the city’s picturesque waterways in an iconic gondola. At almost 99m (325ft), the Campanile is the city’s tallest building, originally built   » Read more

Istanbul Turkey
Istanbul – Turkey

Istanbul is a city that wears its cultures and history well, blending them into an exciting city that has much to offer travelers from around the world.Istanbul today is a modern city that remains true to its historic heritage through its mosques, basilicas and cathedrals, and ancient bazaars. Istanbul   » Read more

Dubai – UAE

Dubai is really two Cities, Dubai and Deira. Divided by the Creek, they are a paradise for sightseeing and both have their unique characters. You will be amazed at the diversity of architecture and cultures to be found here, ranging from traditional Arab houses to magnificent modern towers of steel and   » Read more

PORTUGAL - Lisboa - Basilica da estrela
Lisbon – Portugal

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is one of Europe’s most beautiful and cosmopolitan cities. Set over a series of hills near the mouth of the River Tagus, it’s a place inextricably linked with the sea. Lisbon’s biggest attraction is the city itself, a city that is not spruced up for the tourist to see, but an authentic place   » Read more

Shanghai – China

Shanghai, a vigorous and energetic international metropolis, welcomes people from all over the world to enjoy its special atmosphere. Shanghai attractions are plentiful and varied – combining the historical relics and modern architectural sites. Beyond the Bund and Oriental Pearl Tower cityscapes   » Read more

Ho Chi Minh
Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

The flagship city of Vietnam in terms of economic development and international exposure, Ho Chi Minh City is a truly happening city. Many of the best attractions in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) centre around the events of 20th century war and conquest. It sounds sombre, and in parts it is, but there are   » Read more

Prague – Czech Republic

For an in depth-up to have a look at Prague Czech Republic — the most well liked city in Jap Europe, you will find the most impressive Steep Stairs as shown on the right and explicit buildings with wonderful colours. Prague is served by Václav Havel Airport , the biggest airport within the…   » Read more

Cape Town – South Africa

Cape Town presents a variety of actions and attractions.  The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront often known as the V&A Waterfront is without doubt one of the most popular vacationer points of interest Cape Town   » Read more

London – England

It’s little wonder London is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, having welcomed a record breaking 17.4 million visitors alone in 2014! Britain’s capital city is a vibrant arts and entertainment center (its theaters are always busy), and 50 years after the Beatles, the country’s music  » Read more

Kiev – Ukraine

Kiev has a good selection of tourist attractions, enough to occupy most visitors for a week or more. Conveniently, most are in city centre or just a short Metro ride away. The city is known for its magnificent churches and cathedrals. Top of the list and Kiev’s most popular tourist attraction is   » Read more

San Francisco – USA

When a person thinks of San Francisco, a giant International Orange-colored bridge, a park spanning more than 1,000 acres or a city where contemporary art and culture collide often come to mind. While these mainstays never lose their luster, the reasons to visit San Francisco are even    » Read more

Osaka Castle planet
Osaka – Japan

With a population of 2.5 million, Osaka (大阪, Ōsaka) is Japan’s third largest and second most important city. Osaka isn’t just big, it’s unique. Many people are surprised to find that Osaka has a completely different personality from Tokyo. Where Tokyo is reserved, Osaka is ..   » Read more

Christmas lights are seen as people walk along Royal Route at Old Town in Warsaw
Warsaw – Poland

The actual treat of Warsaw, however, are small cafés which can be littered about Warsaw. Simply take a leisurely walk all the way down to the purchasing and leisure centre with its personal cinema multiplex and the Stegny skating monitor, or take the bus to comply with the tourist   » Read more

Cairo, Egypt, Street
Cairo – Egypt

Some visitors are satisfied with a tour of the Pyramids of Giza, but there is so much more to this city. Stepping into the winding streets of Islamic Cairo and Coptic Cairo whisks you back to the ancient world. And as dusk sets in over Cairo’s sandy terrain, witness the monuments glow   » Read more

Budapest Cruise
Budapest – Hungary

Often described as the “Little Paris of Middle Europe”, Budapest is famous not only for the monuments reflecting its own 1,000-year-old culture, but also for the relics of others who settled here. Remains from both Roman occupation and much later ruled by the Turks can still be seen in the city.   » Read more

Vienna Austria
Vienna – Austria

Vienna is a city that relishes its past, and it has the attractions to prove it. Vienna is an ideal-typical European city similar to Barcelona, London, Milan, Paris or Rome, but unlike the others it is very compact and easy to negotiate. The Austrian capital therefore embraces all the traditions of a European    » Read more

Haha Gothenburg
Gothenburg – Sweden

In many aspects, Gothenburg has gone from an industrial sea side town towards an innovative modern city. The heritage remains though and for example fishing is still a huge part of the city today. The range of fresh fish and seafood is unique and in the early mornings   » Read more

Corpus Cristi Otavalo
Otavalo – Ecuador

Otavalo is an excellent base for hiking and excursions to waterfalls, lakes and a raptor rescue centre. Otavalo serves as a base for various excursions in the local area and there are several local travel agents willing to help you arrange visits, tours, hikes, treks, horse hire or cycling trips. Aside from   » Read more