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There is no public transit. A few taxis and rental cars are available, and bikes can be rented in the summer.

Hitchhikers report that getting a lift in Jasper is very easy.

Jasper is small enough that most places can be easily walked to. Tour companies offer bus service to most of the major tourist destination including Maligne Lake, The Columbia Icefields and Miette Hot Springs. The two major companies in town are Brewster and SunDog. Both these companies offer similar tours at the same price. The only difference is the size of the tour group: Brewster uses large buses (seating approx. 50) and SunDog has smaller vehicles (seating approx. 12).


  • Maligne Lake, which has regular boat trips to see the wonder of a lake with water two different colours in different parts. Spirit Island, made famous by a photography competition, is in the middle of Maligne Lake. The only way to see it is to take the boat cruise (1.5 hours round trip).


  • Excellent camping in the summer. Cross Country and downhill skiingin winter.
  • Rent a bike. Plenty of sport shops offer bikes, which are a great way to see the area.
  • Miette Hot Springs, are an excellent place to go and relax after a day of hiking.
  • Jasper Tramway.
  • Maligne Canyon. The river, up near Maligne Lake, flows in a mighty torrent. When it enters Medicine Lake (named in reference to bad medicine) it does so with great volumes. It does not, however, appear to flow out. Indeed, through the summer months Medicine Lake disappears until, in mid autumn all that is left is a thin channel that itself disappears into the shoreline. In Winter, walk on the canyon bottom to see masses of blue ice where waterfalls flow in the summertime!
  • Athabasca Falls– The Athabasca River thunders through a narrow gorge where the walls have been smoothed and potholes are created by the sheer force of the rushing water carrying sand and rock. Parking and restroom facilities. Paved trail and picnic sites available.
  • Columbia Ice Field
  • Mount Robson(The park’s namesake peak is the highest in the Canadian Rockies at 3954 metres. Mount Robson Provincial Park is 217,200 hectares of stunning mountains, valleys, and waterways. Forests of spruce, fir, balsam, cedar and alder are home to an abundant array of wildlife including mountain goats, moose, deer, elk, marmot and squirrels and chipmunks. The Rearguard Falls of the Fraser River is the furthest migration point of the Pacific salmon.
  • GyPSy Guide, Take a guided tour in your own car. The GyPSy Guide is a small electronic device that uses GPS technology to automatically trigger commentary about history, geology, directions and quirky Canadian stories, through your car stereo.
  • Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Lake Road (follow Pyramid Lake Road all the way up to the Pyramid Lake Resort). Boat rentals available in the summertime to enjoy this beautiful lake. In the wintertime, rent ice skates and skate on Pyramid Lake. Snow shoes also available for rent.
  • Dogsledding. A great winter activity. Tours can be booked from Jasper with transportation, or self drive (approx 90 minutes each way).
  • Hiking. Jasper has over 1000kms of hiking trails and some are quite easily accessible from the town centre. There is easy 3.5km trail around Lac Beauvert at Jasper Park Lodge. Begin walking from the Lodge or from the parking lot at the end of Old Fort Point road. The 6.5km Old Fort Point is another classic Jasper hike, however while short, it is fairly steep in some parts.


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