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If you stay in the swanky hotels downtown, or even some of the budget accommodation options just outside the downtown area, walking is manageable. Most of places are no more than 3 km away from Victoria Falls.

Some of the hotels in Victoria Falls are not really in Vic Falls, but most of these have their own transfer services.

Cabs are plentiful, and should not cost more than $6 for a ride. However, for most occasions it is absolutely okay to simply walk (during the day that is). If you arriving by plan and you need airport transfer or Chobe Day Trip Transfer or to go to the Boma, transfers from registered tour operators range from $5 Bomab, 15 Airport, $45 Kasane border. Find more Victoria Falls Transfers


Perhaps you have seen postcards, holiday snaps, or film footage of the seventh wonder of the world, Victoria Falls. But have you actually been fortunate enough to stand beside the “smoke that thunders” watching and listening as the roar of 546 m³ of water, minute by minute, plunge down into a 100 m deep gorge below.

Besides the falls themselves there are numerous land and water based activities to keep you busy for a day or two. There are several tour operators in town, who all take bookings for various activities, all are on commission, and you can only seemingly haggle over the size of the commission rather than cost of the activity. Wild Horizons offer many of the activities, so it may be better to negotiate direct with them rather than with a tout / agency. Alternatively, you can use sites such as to compare prices of activities between tour operators, book and pay securely online before you travel to Zimbabwe.

Water based

  • Canoeingon the river above the falls, is a nice way to see some wildlife and relax. Canoeing is best described as “drifting” at walking pace with the flow of the river. If you want to cover some distance and do the paddling yourself, make it clear when you book.
  • White water rafting, on the river below the falls, spectacular and quite hair raising. Whitewater rafting day trips sell for about $110. The price includes a full day of shooting some of the best rapids in the world (including some Class V rapids); lunch, eatenon the water and all the beer you can chug after the climb out. Note that it is a tough decent on foot down the gorge to the launch point so wear no flip flops.
  • Sunset cruiseson the Zambezi River, which is beautiful above the falls. A few drinks tend to be included. The “sunset cruise” is a bit of a misnomer as all boats have to be off the river by Sunset. You will see most of the sunset after you are back in the dock.

Victoria Falls Bridge-based

  • Bungee-jumping / bungee swing, fling yourself off, either solo or tandum
  • Gorge-swing, a huge swing over the gorge
  • Flying fox / cable slide, described as “mildly adventurous”, it is the cheapest activity that involves jumping in to the gorge
  • Abseiling / rappelling, descend in to the gorge and climb back out.
  • Vic Falls Tram / Bridge tour, an old tram carriage from Cape Town has been brought back to life to give tourists a slow trundle down to the bridge where you get a tour and a glimpse back at the history of the construction.
  • Canopy Tour, The canopy tour, with 9 slides offers amazing views of the turbulent rapis, the falls spray and the Victoria Falls bridge.


  • Helicopter ride, 15 min in a chopper, seems very popular, a downside of which is the constant noise.
  • Microlight flightsover the gorge. At present, this is possible from the Zambia side only. The cost is roughly $140 for the 15 min tour and $280 for the 30 min tour.


  • Visit the grand Victoria Falls Hotel for high tea. For about $30, you get tea, scones, a three-tiered sandwich platter, and a magnificent view of the Victoria Falls Bridge and gorge.
  • From wherever you stay you can easily arrange for asafari (prices vary), a sunset cruise[ (around $50), or a helicopter ride (for about $130) over the falls.
  • The Victoria Falls Safari Lodgehas a no knock-out casino on site.
  • For a casino, the Kingdom Hotel does have something to offer.
  • For something different try an elephant ride, or a horseback safari offered by a variety of tour operators in town.
  • Chobe Day Tripwill take you Chobe National Park, Botswana side known for its prolific wildlife. Trip Included breakfast, cruise, gamedrive & transfers from Victoria Falls.


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