• Grand Canal 1800 km long and travels from Beijing to Hangzhou
  • Garden of Ecstacy(Ji Chang Yuan) one of the leading gardens in SE China and Emperor Qianlong, who made seven visits, had a copy made of the garden at the Summer Palace in Beijing.
  • Grand Buddha at Lingshan(灵山大佛) – One of China’s largest Buddha statues at over 80m tall. The whole Lingshan area is a tourist attraction, with a musical fountain which plays out the story of the birth of the Buddha, as well as the Brahma palce (梵宫), a very grand palace with the pillars made of sandalwood, built to host the 2009 Buddhist conference.
  • Taihu(太湖) – A very large lake with many scenic spots, famous for its fish and freshwater pearls.
  • Donglin Academy(东林书院). Kept by the stone arch, with pool, Dong Lin monastery, Lize Hall, by Yong Tang, Oscillation Temple, three Temple, things promenade, to re-vegetarian, Road South Temple, Donglin Temple and other major construction work report, remain Ming and Qing Dynasty style layout shape and history. There are relegated name associated Gu Xian: “Reading the wind rain and the sound of ears; family affairs world are concerned about everything.”
  • Wuxi Zoo(无锡动物园) This is a combination zoo and amusement park, and can get crowded on the weekends.


Taihu Lake Yuantouzhu (Turtle’s Head) Scenic Area

With a water surface of 2,400 km2, Taihu Lake is the third largest fresh water lake in China. In 1982 it was designated as a national scenic area by the State Council. Yuatouzhu is actually a small hill stretching into the lake like the head of a turtle, hence the name. This scenic area covers an area of 130ha and is composed of the following eight scenic spots.

  • Tianlonggong muyu hui suo(天龙宫沐浴会所), 无锡市锡山区东亭府北路18号, ☎ 0510-88251688. 24 hours. Massage place.


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