Some Pragmatic Facts 


Imagine that there are households with at least 5 to 8 members per family, and their household monthly income is just a mere $1000. Out of which this $1000, they have to pay for utility bills, standard living expenses and sending their kids to school. Does this sounds crazy to you? Yes!! It does cross my mind after hearing the news from a documentary show, and i am not talking about developing countries, it happens in a modernized and competitive country like Singapore.

With a meagre $1000 providing for the entire household is ridiculous,  so how are they be able to survive and lead a normal lifestyle in this high inflation driven society?

Here, I wanna share about a few tips you may want to consider, it helps seeing things in a holistic way so that you can have a better budget to spare.



Useful Tips


1. Tips On Cheap Luxury Holidays

2. Tips On Healthy Indulgences

3. Beauty Tips With Natural Ingredients – Zero or Low Costs

4. Tips To Save On Your Budget

5. Luxury Living Tips

6. Self-Grooming Tips


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