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To travel around the world has been a dream for everyone, although the economy may be wobbly and inflation rates keep rising, Inflation-Ratestravel dreams are still standing tall and stronger than ever. The beauty to have a cheap luxury holidays lies in how well you manage your travel budget, and how you leverage those skills to create a better and unforgettable trips.

If you have successfully accomplished a wonderful trip within your expected budget, not only you will be very proud of it, it also gives you a sense of great satisfaction and sensational achievement. It is an end-to-end double happiness.


Wobbly Economy

Right now, I am going to help you keep your dream trip affordable by sharing 11 ways on travelling tips.


11 Effective Ways To Travel Your Dream Luxury Holidays 

1. Compare Your Hotel Rates.

Some hotel agencies may offer a better room rates than the other, hence doing some homework may help you saved significantly. One good recommendation is Hotels Combined, there are more than 10 agencies rates comparison at one glance (remember to click into each agent to get the best price) , helping you choose wisely and making a sounding decision. Get Instant access here.


2. Avoid Touristy Restaurants

Some restaurants have multi-languages menu with a signage displaying “We speak English”, try to avoid them. Look for a short hand-written menu if it’s available else do some calculations on the menu pricelist and go for the one that is more comfortable and within your budget.

 Money Making Restaurant

3. Travel in off-peak season

You will get a cheaper airfare, better hotel rates, spend less time in queuing, and meet more locals than tourists.


4. Stock drinks and munchies in your hotel upon arrival

You can enjoy your train or long distance buses rides with “picnic” meal which could save you quite abit than eating in the train restaurant.


5. Stay in touch cheaply by using Fantastic Apps TANGO

TANGO apps are available to download and install onto any mobile devices. TANGO offers FREE Video and Voice calls from anyway in the world. You can also share photos in the News Feed and during the calls. With this app, it will help you saved enormously than dialing an international calls through your auto-roaming.

 International Phone Card

6. Adapt to local tastes

Going with the local specialties gets you the best quality and service for the best price.


7. Wear a money belt or your own ways to keep money safe

You’ll save money by not losing it. Be wary of crowded places and beggers can be a pickpockets.

 Money Beltmoneybelt2

8. Consider budget airlines for connecting distant cities

Budget airlines can often get you from one city to another faster and cheaper than the train. Beware though, cheap airlines often uses small airports located far town, which can cost a little extra time and money. So check carefully before making a big mistake.


9. Avoid travel agents and tourist office room-finding services

They charge a fee  and generally offer only the highest-priced rooms with no discounts. For the best accommodations, use the best hotels comparisons website such as the one offer here.


10. Never take good Jewelry with you

Avoid being targetted by pickpockets and snatches.

 Expensive Jewelry

11. Buy your own groceries if you are tired of what to eat out

If you are staying in one place for more than a few days, buy groceries and cook your own food. So if you are still hungry and have an urge to eat out, you won’t have to buy as much.



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